Vls technologies: the technological partner for the filtration of liquids

The markets of wine, beer, spirits, juices and soft drinks are constantly evolving, and the technological solutions adopted for the filtration of liquids require continuous processes of growth aimed at researching, develop- ing and innovating.

VLS Technologies is a leading company in the market of the solutions for the filtration of liquids, capable not only of providing technologies for filtration in that specific field, but also of designing and developing customized solutions based on individual needs, new products, new markets. VLS Technologies represents worldwide a single reference point for the client for both the aspect of  filtration and more complex needs that involve the whole process of liquid treatment: that is made possible by the production plant in San Zenone degli Ezzelini in the Province of Treviso, northeast Italy, as well as by an established worldwide network of agents, authorized reselling and assistance.

The partnership with the client is based on a definitely advisory- oriented approach: an in-depth knowledge of the processes for liquid treatment is a key requirement in order to offer expert advice in the field. Even if it’s just about a single machinery that is going to be part of a more complex system.

Also design and production are “bespoke” activities based on the client’s needs, realizing customized solutions starting from the analisys of the requirements and characteristics of each single company. Applications can be traditional, as sheet filters or pressure leaf filters, or innovative, as cross-flow filtration systems and reverse osmosis.

Innovative technologies guarantee a number of advantages. For example in cross-flow filtration the liquid is pushed by means of pressure through the particular pores of a membrane: thanks to this system the clients are able to improve the obtained quantity of product, decreasing energy consumption and production costs, for example avoiding the usage of clarifiers and adjuvants.

In recent years VLS Technologies has produced also “exclusive” solutions destined to particular uses or types of clients. Among those Unico filter, a solution designed for small/ medium manufacturers that need to filter their products (wines and lees) with a single solution, obtaining a filtered product of excellent quality with a turbidity below 1 NTU. That is why VLS Technologies has created Unico filtration system: thanks to our filter it becomes possibile getting a good filtration of the product and reducing the microbiological flora; all of this by saving all the organoleptic characteristics of the product. Our filtering media can stand repeated regenerations with warm water and detergents: this means a longer lifespan. Unico has recently won the “Innovation Challenge Lucio Mastroberardi no” at SIMEI Drinktec 2017.

Another widely appreciated technology, winner of the New Technology Award at SIMEI 2015, is “Lees-stop”, a solution meant for filtering products with high content in solids that replaces the traditional polymeric membranes of the cross-flow filters with sinterized stainless steel membranes.

Thanks to several tests, we have verified that this kind of material perfectly fits the cross-flow filtration of “difficult” products with about 70% of content in solids.

The added value is focused on the capacity to attentively listen to the client, and subsequenlty to act effectively and quickly: VLS  Technologies, also thanks to its 35- year experience in the market, can  guarantee a dynamic and flexible approach, realizing long-term partnerships with both medium and small production companies as well as with major brands worldwide.

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