Turnkey solutions for bottling and packaging by bbm

bbm-packaging-2BBM Packaging is an Italian excellence company operating both nationally and internationally. The company specializes in the supply of turnkey water and beverage bottling plants. Our aim is to offer the same excellence to large multinational firms and local ones. The customizable, quick and easy service is the main reason why they have chosen for over 10 years, identifying BBM as the ideal partner for every project.
BBM Packaging, turnkey solutions for bottling and packaging, is today the byword for:
– Used equipment excellence, thanks to careful selection and updating process, to offer competitive prices on the market. Customers can also visit the 7500 m2, until the FAT on the actual products;
– Technical assistance, with more than 50 highly skilled technicians with over 20 years of experience and competence in the sector to form a team that is able to support the customer with the life of the machine and the different models by the main international manufacturers .
– Spare parts, whether it is normal usage or emergency, BBM Packaging is a valid option for the supply of spare parts. Thanks to the wide range of available items, the fast delivery and the competitive prices;
– Much more, the know-how is included in the BBM Packaging offer, following every customer through the project, from upgrading to revamping and making changes to the main leading manufacturers. As a matter of fact, we offer pre-sale analysis and evaluation of possible solutions, up to the realization and the final delivery of the complete project.

The high quality of the BBM packaging offers is also based on the stability of the company over the years, in terms of volumes, services and personnel, establishing itself as a reliable choice for the customer’s investment. Below some details about our core activities which have pushed BBM to today results, with the turnover increasing by 45% in 2018.

bbm-packaging-1 The work on a machine withdrawn from a previous owner, to bring it back to the original conditions, is one of the key strengths and that is why we are always training ourselves on different kind of bottling or packaging machine. The reconditioning work in BBM is carefully monitored by project supervisors, no detail is left behind, and the machine undergoes several steps to be reborn:
– Inspection, as it enters our factory, we fill in a report about what to do in case of reconditioning and possible upgrades;
– Disassembling, to explore any spot or to decide whether it is fully operating or needs refurbishing or replacing;
– Cleaning and fixing;
– Re-assembling, working together, to work that requires the maximum amount of experience to be effective;
– Testing, benchmarking, we start the machine and we evaluate the success rate of our previous work.

It is not easy to determine the amount of time needed to give customers a very precise schedule for their project. Because a timely servicing is important, above all, for us.

Besides the sale of bottling lines and machines and their upgrading, BBM is appreciated for its aftermarket services. We offer a wide range of spare parts thanks to our well-stocked warehouse. On the machines of a bottling and packaging line, we can run a complete check-up, giving customers a snapshot of the state of the machine. So, you will always know if it is working at full operation and reliably. To best serve our customers we have three different maintenance plans, with the following goals:
– Keeping the efficiency of the machine and the line;
– Anticipating eventual faults, no matter the brand, as they are complex machines;
– Providing a detailed report with maintenance schedule and a list of spare parts, with different priorities.

We can cover blow molding machines, shrink-wrappers, filling machines, handle applicators, conveyor belts, air conveyors and palletizers by the leading manufacturers in the beverage market. Our customers can full customize their plan, starting from three packages: Essential; Business; Premium.

Working in the sector of second-hand machinery, we have developed upgrading services, allowing our customers to convert their machines to match or getting closer to the performances of new generation ones. For example, we offer several upgrades for shrink-wrapping machines, maximizing their efficiency.

Among the companies we work with, there are brands such as Coca Cola, Acque Minerali d’Italia, Nestlé Waters and Pepsi, but BBM does not work within the beverage sector only, it also collaborates with major firms in another sectors, for example in the milk industry. Surely, Latteria Soresina is one of the main Italian players on the market with a growing turnover and gathering other quality Italian brands. Latteria Soresina represents also one of the many cases of customers satisfied by the professionalism of BBM services, as they already entrusted us for the production line of Peschiera Borromeo (MI). That is why we have been contacted again for the same site in the province of Milan in 2018, to work on the increasing of productivity projects, through the installation of a new line dedicated to the production of UHT milk bottles. The project has been very engaging as the customer presented us the need of a line that may eventually be combined with the one already installed and guarantee a backup for the production line of the fresh milk bottles: this market has different production demands and stricter deadlines. The final aim was to have the fresh milk line always working. Of course, the first step was to visit the production site to evaluate the scope of the project, then we prepared the design of the new line to be approved by the management of the company, finally we implemented the best machines in the project and we started the operations. BBM Packaging, next to the design, has also supplied the majority of machines of the new line, among them:
– one blow moulder, overhauled and guaranteed, which works with the 38 mm neck typical of milk bottles. Also on the blow-moulding system we took care of the manufacturing of as series of new moulds , customised for the Latteria Soresina bottles.
– one shrink-wrapping machine, working with film, also overhauled and guaranteed.
– one labeller. – the air conveying system between the various machines.

All the machines are used ones, overhauled to be as new and guaranteed by BBM. Particularly interesting, it has been an upgrade on the blow moulder, as a matter of fact, Latteria Soresina asked us to modify the machine to work with lower weight performs, in order to reduce the plastic material, paying attention and respect to the environment, something that has always characterised the two companies. The new line of Peschiera Borromeo, whose installation ended with the commissioning, by BBM, in January 2019, meeting delivery deadlines, produces the 1 litre bottle format, cylinder shaped, and it is able to work with two different packaging configuration with film, 3×2 and 4×2 (respectively working up to 40 packages per minute with the first one and up to 30 packages per minute for the second one), and it can produce about 12.000 bottles per hour. In the end, BBM packaging Solutions has meet the needs of Latteria Soresina and, thanks to its great experience in offering line design and overhauling and installation services on used machines. www.bbmpackaging.com

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