Clean and quick guiding: new lightweight xiros guide rollers from Igus

pm4318-1Guide rollers with plastic ball bearings and fully-enclosed design ensure hygiene and easy, tool-freeinstallation

In the food and packaging industry, machine builders are turning to clean and hygienic plastic solutions. igus has developed complete solutions for film and label rollers, consisting of various tube materials and polymer ball bearings with flanges. The lightweight systems are now available with a fully-enclosed side. In addition, installation of the new rollers is much easier than before.

Under the brand name xiros, igus offers maintenance-free and, above all, lubrication free polymer ball bearings. In the food and packaging industry, in particular, their key advantage is that there is no risk of contamination due to leaking lubricants.

New in the Xiros product range is a ready-made system solution of aluminum, PVC or carbon tube and two flange ball bearings made of xirodur materials with stainless steel balls. Especially the PVC version, which is entirely of materials approved by the food industry. The extremely light guide rollers are available in various diameters and lengths with millimeter accuracy.

If you need a new guide rollers with one side completely closed.

“The ready-to-install solution with polymer ball bearings and individual shaft and tube lengths is easy to configure.

Assembly and disassembly is simple and does not require tools, ”says Marcus Semsroth, head of xiros polymer ball bearings at igus. Compared to commonly used stainless steel tubes, the aluminum tube weighs significantly less, which in turn has a positive effect on inertia.

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The dry operating xiros polymer ball bearings also offer less friction than lubricated metal ball bearings.

They are much more smoothly.

Very convenient for the machine builder. Alternatively, further information can be obtained by contacting igus directly.