2019: Mini Motor is growing with its dbs range and the new dr range

With the arrival of the new DBS 80 and the creation of products in the dr series, MINI MOTOR is consolidating its position at the very top of the automation and motion control sectors


If it’s true that those who stop moving will be left behind, Mini Motor and its constant forward motion are solidly on a path leading to the future. This is borne out not only by Mini Motor’s numbers, but also – and above all – by the company’s ability to apply vision, ideas and resources to the creation of excellent products.

The DBS 80 and the new DR series are the concrete results of this ability. Let’s take a close look at both, starting with the DBS 80.

By now, the DBS Series by Mini Motor needs no introduction.

Ever since it entered the market, the family of brushless servomotors with integrated drive from Mini Motor has set a new standard of productive excellence in terms of rationalization, integration and performance, and has distinguished itself in the world of automation and motion control for its superlative build quality and unparalleled reliability over time.

And today, the DBS range is ready to grow. It boasts a new format called the DBS 80: a brushless servomotor with integrated drive, 80 mm switching panel and 48 VDC voltage requirement. It’s capable of unleashing up to 660 W of power with 2.1 Nm of nominal torque. The product also offers the full set of features that have positioned the DBSrange by Mini Motor at the very top of the market. These include:

• the ability to daisy chain a number of motors using the major communication protocols employed for industrial purposes: EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus, PROFINET I/O and CANOpen;

• the inclusion of an SSI multi-turn absolute encoder at 4096- PPR, which provides maximum freedom to adjust speed and position while maintaining distance – even when powered down;

• compact, seamless integration of all elements – motor, drive and gear (if installed) – combined into a single product of indisputable excellence.

The new DBS 80 is available in two power sizes (stator pack length: 50 mm and 100 mm). Like its predecessors, it’s designed for precision automation and motion control, and is capable of performing highly precise, dynamic movements in any application.

It is therefore perfectly suitable for use in all those sectors that require especially precise and controlled motions, such as the ceramics, packaging and bottling industry. However, thanks to implementation of the principal fieldbusses, the DBSrange is the perfect solution for meeting automation requirements in all production situations. Its many benefits include:

• ease of installation

• reduced amount of wiring

• lower costs

Underlying what we have said thus far is the core concept of the Mini Motor philosophy: motor and gear unit are completely integrated right from the design phase, an approach that has enabled the company to diversify on the market and provides higher performance than most competitors.

Inaugurating the marketing of the new DBS 80 are the words of mechanical engineer Alessandro Cicolella, the director of the Mini Motor technical department, who describes the circumstances in which the new product was developed and outlines the path that is still being followed: “With the expansion of the DBS range, Mini Motor has once again remained faithful to its concept of motorgear-drive integration, thus strengthening its position as a cutting-edge company in the field of mechatronics. Our partners and customers believe in our work. Like us,they are convinced that the future of automation will be firmly grounded in high-quality design, compactness, integration and connectivity”.

But the DBS 80 is not the only great new idea that distinguishes the activity of Mini Motor in this new year of 2019. Another creation has finally seen the light of day and is ready to revolutionize the company’s market in a remarkable way.

mini-motor-1It’s called the DR SERIES and it is the new range of devices which Mini Motor has created to bring all its classic single- and three-phase gear motors in line with the company’s highly-advanced project guidelines:


The DR range is composed of sensorless integrated drives, which can therefore be directly applied to the motors without the need for an encoder, and which elevate the classic gear motors on the market to a smart allin- one model: a perfectly integrated combination of MOTOR, GEAR UNIT AND DRIVE.

The technology used is the same as for the DBS Series, and they also feature the same extensive functionality and advantages that the new generation of Mini Motor products offers.

In fact, DR series drives provide daisy chain control – through an input and an output – of large groups of motors, which minimises complexity and reduces the amount of wiring required. The final result are systems that are more neatly ordered and more compact.

However, the guiding principle of total integration is not only applied to the hardware. It’s also reflected in the software applications designed by Mini Motor to interface with the motors. This combination offers possibilities previously unimaginable for classic gear motors, such as realtime torque and speed control, gathering of data and diagnostic information, and the prevention of machine errors.

The control systems communicate with the drive via a Micro USB interface, while the operator can manage motor settings and parameters via an app installed on any device connected via WiFi.

Some of the key advantages offered by the application of DR devices include:

• Constant speed can be maintained even as the load on the motors changes

• A reduction in overall space of up to 50%

• A reduction in the length of wiring used of up to 50%

• Significant reductions in energy consumption due to integration between the motor, gear unit and drive

Sectors such as logistics, packaging and food&beverage will enjoy the greatest advantages from the introduction of the DR Series.

Series motor applications in systems with large numbers of format changes, for example, can be controlled simultaneously via a single PLC, instead of requiring intervention on each individual element; this principle also applies to the power supply for conveyor belts, trolleys and all systems which require adjustment on the basis of the product being processed.

For Mini Motor, the introduction of this new range of devices means virtually updating its entire classic range of gear motors up to a 240 watt power output, with the prospect – already being analysed – of extending the range up to 740 watt applications.

Aside from the obvious strategic value of this operation for the company, the deeper meaning behind the launch of the DR Series is summed up as follows by mechanical engineer Alessandro Cicolella: “In Mini Motor, innovation is the bread and butter of dozens of people who are researching and developing tomorrow’s automation and motion control systems every day.

But our view of progress would be too narrow if we did not take into consideration the present as a founding element of the future.

In other words, the principle of total integration between the motor, gear unit and drive must apply, and be applied, also to products developed according to other models. Continuing to experiment and obtain success in this direction will tell us how effective our approach to the future is, and therefore how valid our strategic choices are.”


Dbs mini motor: the power of a growing range.


By now, the DBS Series by Mini Motor needs no presentation

mini-motor-1Ever since it entered the market, Mini Motor’s fam­ily of brush­less servomotors with integrated drive has set a new standard of pro­ductive excellence in terms of rationalization, integration and perfor­mance, distinguishing itself in the world of automation and motion control for its superla­tive build quality and its unparalleled reliability over time.

And today, the DBS range is ready to im­press once again with its newest format, the DBS 80: a brushless servomotor with in­tegrated drive, 80mm switching panel and 48Vdc power supply, capable of producing up to 500 W of power with 1.5 Nm of nomi­nal torque.

The product offers the full set of features that have positioned Mini Motor’s DBS range at the very top of the market. These include:

  • the new “open” com­munication platform, which allows con­figuration with all the most common pri­mary protocols: Ether­CAT, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus, PROFINET, PROFI­BUS, CANopen
  • an SSI multi-turn absolute encoder at 4096-PPR, which allows maximum freedom to adjust speed, torque, position and homing
  • the compact and seamless integration of all elements – motor, gear and drive -provided together in a single state-of-the-art product

mini-motor-2Even more than its predecessors, the new DBS 80 was designed with an eye towards precision automation and motion control, ensuring exceptional precision of movement in any application, with clearlydefined acceleration ramps.
It is therefore perfectly suitable for use in all those sectors that require especially precise and controlled motions, such as the ceramics, packaging and bottling industry.
However, because it is equipped with a single power supply and a single interface module, the entire DBS range represents an ideal solution for automation needs in all areas of industrial production. Its many benefits include:
• easy installation
• fewer cables
• cost reduction
At the launch event for the new DBS 80, the Head of Mini Motor’s Technical Department, Mr. Ferretti, described the framework in which this new product was created and outlined the company’s vision for the future:
“With the expansion of the DBS range, Mini Motor has once again remained faithful to its mantra of motorgear-drive integration, strengthening its position as a cutting-edge
company in the field of mechatronics.
Our partners and customers believe in our work, and like us, they are convinced that the future of automation will be firmly grounded in high-quality design, compactness,
integration and connectivity.”

Stainless steel, integrated drive, connection capacity, design: mini motor – from the great success of 2017 to the new projects for 2018

It’s been a year of hard work and great success for Mini Motor, leading company in the electric motors, drives and brushless gear motors based in Reggio Emilia. “Growth has been our keyword for 2017: new products, new functions, a higher integration and new markets”, tells the managing director, Andrea Franceschini. “Our expanded range of products has helped us to establish our presence in the international market”, explains Franceschini, “not only in more traditional markets such as Europe,USA and India, but also in the Middle East, South America, Russia and China, a country that is getting more attentive to quality, innovation and new technology”.

During Simei Drinktec in Monaco and Pack Expo in Las Vegas, Mini Motor presented to the international public the new on going projects, especially the new DR product: an evolution of the single phase and three phase asynchronous motors, the motors of the DR series will feature the integrated drive, connection capacity and especially a brand new design – the motor will be much smaller than the actual options.

Among the available products there is the DBS series, an excellence in the automation and motion control, which has been enlarged in 2017 with some new models: it’s a brushless servomotor with integrated drive and magnetic absolute encoder able to save in its system up to 6 months the last functions used, making it easy to restart after a breakdown.

Every product is easy to fit into an Industry scenario because all models are equipped with outstanding connection capacity, which permits  configuration with the following primary protocols: CanOpen, Ethercat, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Powerlink. Their compact  design is synonymous of small dimensions and makes them easy to install, access and maintain.

In the particularly demanding sector of food&beverage, the motors of IP69K series are important products for the market given their small dimensions and the use of the stainless steel: with a totally smooth surface, these motors are ideal to be used in aggressive environments and where high hygiene standards are required. The stainless steel is similar to glass and porcelain, and it ensures:

  • corrosion resistance, especially to detergents, solvents, and disinfectants;
  • surface consistency with no porosity;
  • effective bacterial removal during the clean ing process and low bacterial retentiveness after the cleaning process.

MiniMotor has always been up to date with the technological evolution, both in terms of production processes and regarding the characteristics of the materials. The constant commitment in looking for innovative solutions has allowed Mini Motor to realize the core concepts of the smart manufacturing: working in an intelligent way with its resources – both human and robotics increasing the speed and the flexibility of the manufacturing process. Mini Motor can guarantee great customization as well as high quality at competitive prices even in standard productions, making each product with high levels of quality, precision and efficiency, and therefore greater performances at lower costs.

Mini Motor is active in more than 55 countries around the world  with 4 branches in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA (a new branch in the Emirates will open soon), and a widespread network of distributors. Today the company can offer thousands of items, including worm gear motors, coaxial geared motors and planetary reduction units, brushless servomotors with integrated drive, brushless servo gear motors, drives and frequency converters.


Mini Motor presents wbs, the first wireless servomotor

WBS, DR and SS: here are the three Mini Motor news for 2018, of ficially presented at SPS Ipc Drives Italy and Ipack Ima. Three simple codes for three complex and innovative projects, which confirm the design and production philosophy of Mini Motor: servomotors and all-in-one gearmotors, with perfect integration of all components, optimized design, excel- lent performance and advanced connectivity.

Three projects created to meet specific needs in the world of automation and motion control.An evolutionary leap towards an unprecedented approach to the world of automation: this is the vision behind WBS, an all-in-one product capable to increase flexibility and simplify the operation of automation systems. WBS is a series of wireless brushless servomotors with integrated drive, thanks to the built-in wireless interface and the presence of an inductive charging battery.

Extreme freedom both in design and in operation, ease of maintenance, kilometers of cables saved and no need to organize the wiring in detail. For the Industry 4.0 scenarios, automation and motion control, the WBS products, available at the be- ginning of 2019, are the ideal components, together with those of the DBS series, brushless servomotors with integrated drive, equipped with multiturn absolute encoder and extended connectivity with the support of the 6 most common field- buses: CanOpen, Modbus, Ethercat, Ethernet / IP, Profinet and Powerlink.

For the highly demand- ing food & beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, Mini Motor proposes the SS series engines, which combine the reduced dimensions with the superior characteristics of stainless steel: with a completely smooth surface without any grooves, protection level IP69K, they are ideal for use in aggressive environments or when high standard hygienic standards are required. From this point of view, stainless steel has characteristics similar to glass and porcelain and ensures resistance to cor- rosion, surface compactness, absence of porosity, high bacterial removability in the cleaning cycles and low bacterial retentivity.

The SS series products for food & beverage are made of Aisi 304 steel, but models in Aisi 316L steel – known as marine steel for its exceptional corrosion resistance – are also available, a feature often required, for example, by the pharmaceutical sector.

Equipped with integrated drive, connectivity and a new design able to reduce the overall dimensions and optimize space, the DR series motors represent the evolution of the classic single and threephase motors. The perfect integration of drive, motor and gear reduces energy consumption and, thanks to the electronic speed control system, low load consumption decreases significantly. The integrat- ed drive allows you to fully manage speed and torque and let you set different speeds, which remain constant even when the load changes. Connectivity is guaranteed by a connection module that supports the six most common fieldbuses: CanOpen, Modbus, Ethercat, Ethernet / IP, Profinet and Powerlink. With the DR series motors, you can use a daisy chain connection, with 50% of cables reduc- tion; plus, their optimized design guarantees space savings of up to 50%.

Finally, all DR products are equipped with univer- sal input – with 115/230 Volt and 50/60 Hz input EMC filter for noise sup- pression and Safe Torque Off.Mini Motor, a company based in Reggio Emilia with over 50 years of activity, today is present in more than 55 countries all over the world, with 5 branches – Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates and a large group of dealers. The offer consists of tens thousands of items, including worm, coaxial and epicycloidal geared motors, brushless servo- motors with integrated drive, brushless servomo- tors, drives and frequency converters.


We have always been living in the future

We have been one step ahead of the others since 1965

 Our future began more than 50 years ago.

Our future began in Bagnolo in Piano, in the heart of the motor valley situated in Italy’s Emilia region, in 1965. That was when Gianfranco Franceschini decided to lay a stake on his passion for mechanics and innovative solutions. The early products were a combination of metal and electricity to achieve the automatic movement of rolling shutters and fixtures with a distinctive trait: design, the ability to make what works beautiful in the best of ways.

The Mini Motor brand was born in 1974, when our production by then was definitely oriented toward electric motors for the industrial sector. We added another two ingredients to metal and electricity: electronics and computerisation.

The concepts of industrial automation and mechatronics emerged between the late ‘70s and the early ‘80s, but according to us at Mini Motor, they are genetic traits. We have had them ever since the very beginning.

Excellence, our fixed idea

Since 1965 we have been doggedly cultivating some fixed ideas: innovation, constant improvement, construction excellence, and collaboration with the customer to together design the best solution. We believe that every motor is a unique piece, even when they are standard products. Motor, reduction unit and electronics are already integrated in the design phase, and all production is in-house, using top quality and zero kilometre materials and components.

Product excellence is achieved only with process excellence: this has always been our philosophy. Today we can offer tens of thousands of items, including worm gear motors, coaxial geared motors and planetary reduction units, brushless servomotors with built-in drive, brushless servo gear motors, drives and frequency converters. Nevertheless, our number one product has always been quality, which we build every day with diligence, enthusiasm and attention paid to the finest detail, and by listening to our customers.

We shorten the distance between us, you and the future

We are active in 55 countries around the world with 5 branches and a widespread network of distributors. We want to be close to our customers and attentively grasp all of their requirements with curiosity. We create customised solutions and standard products with the same attention and the same characteristics of excellence and quality. But we don’t settle for less. We want to always be one step ahead of the others.

Our undertaking for our future and yours today is branching off into three directions: materials and design, smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

  • Every single day we endeavour to make our electric motors more and more compact and resistant, suitable for even working in extreme conditions by using stainless
  • We are engaged in a search for innovative solutions for production Smart manufacturing and lean production have always been part of our organisation, and they allow us to work in a smarter way by integrating and optimising resources – human labour together with manlike robots – and by increasing both the speed and the flexibility of the process,without any waste.
  • Every one of our products is able to easily fit into an Industry 0 scenario because they are equipped with outstanding connection capacity, with the support of all the most widely used industrial communication protocols: CanOpen, Ether- cat, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profinet.



Quality is not a sheet of paper, but  rather a way of being and working that guides every action toward excellence. Quality is not a duty. It is a passion that we cultivate every day, in every moment, with diligence. We don’t settle for being compliant with the requisites requested. Instead, we try to always be one step beyond certification alone. We constantly work to keep up the highest levels of quality and safety for all of our products and all of our services. It is only in this way that the certifications stop be- ing sheets of paper and turn into a guarantee of true excellence.

We are certified ISO 9001:2000, standard of reference for those who want to subject their production processes to complete quality control, starting from gathering the requirements of the customers and ending with the monitoring of every step of the production process. All of our products have obtained the CC- SAus (Canadian Standards Association) mark for both the Canadian and US markets, and the IP65 protection rating, in compliance with the CEI EN 60529 standard, thanks to our manufacturing solutions and the high-quality components used. The stainless steel IP69 series is, on the other hand, compliant with the IP69 international protection rating that identifies products totally protected from dust, sand and any small solid particle in general, and suitable for permanent immersion in water and for high pressure and high temperature jets of water.


Born for action, born for protection Our motors are born for action. Packaging, packing, bottling, palletizing, boxing, stacking and wrapping are actions that demand a compact design, precise movements, always the right speeds, resistance, easy programming. All in one word: absolute reliability.

Packaging means taking care to wrap up a product in the most appropriate and resistant packing to be sure it reaches the end user intact. We take care of your products with our motors.

We like challenges, and we want you to put us to the test

To get truly smart production, the logistics have to efficiently integrate with the entire production process, and not just with the end of line. Logistics is the true strategic area, the one that can make the difference. We have always worked in the food & beverage sector, and this has taught us a lot. Very high health standards to be met, considerable customisation requirements, and a need for quick and safe product changeovers are only a few of the obligations that push us to constantly improve our entire range of electric motors and geared motors. These improvements affect not just the body, but the mind of the motor as well owing to smart drives and ease of integration via the most widespread industrial communication protocols.


Able to withstand everything Our motors are tough and they withstand everything: sanitization with aggressive products, washing with high pressure and high-temperature water, lengthy immersion in liquids, contact with chemical agents.

Critical environments are our natural habitat. Treatment plants for food, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and chemical products demand design follow- ing the principles and guidelines of Hygienic Design: considerable attention is paid to contact surfaces, geometries used to prevent substances from accumulating, ease and safety in washing and sanitization, necessary stratagems on fixed and moving joints and on welded parts.

IP69K: the series made of steel, inside and out

 IP69K is the Mini Mo- tor series capable of anything. These are geared motors that combine small size with the superior character- istics of stainless steel. With their completely smooth and groove-free surfaces, these motors comply with the IP69K protection rating, ideal for use in aggressive environments or those that demand very high health standards, such as in the food and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors.


Quick to learn, in all subjects Our motors learn fast: they can be programmed easily, flexibly and can be customised, plus they are able to control speed and power with extreme accuracy. In the world of Industry 4.0, speed in learning is an essential quality, especially when it is combined with integration speed.

Automation does not mean only replacing human labour. It is something more radical. Automation means opting for an integrated system logic based not on single machines or on groups of machine, but on the entire production process. Top of the class, in every sector. The quality of an integrated system depends on the quality of every single component and on the ability to integrate the parts.

Our motors are sociable. They speak several languages and feel comfortable with everyone. Wherever there is automation, our electric motors and geared motors contribute toward increasing the overall level of quality of the system. That is because they offer precision, efficiency, high performance, flexibility of use and simple configuration.

Our offer numbers thousands of items, including worm gear motors, coaxial geared motors and planetary reduction units, brushless servomotors with built-in drive, brushless servo gear motors, drives and frequency converters. It is a range complete in terms of characteristics and performance, as well as its ease of integration in production processes and support of the most widely used protocols for industrial communication networks.


Mini Motor: Gearmotors for the beverage industry

Mini Motor four big categories combine to create a comprehensive and extended product catalogue

Mini Motor production consists in some ten thousands of products, considering numerous versions of equipment requested, capacities, reduction gear, connection type, protection level and optional (such as encoder and electromagnetic brake).

Product versions are also made according to the applications they are meant for, upon which further variants such as particular paints, increased power, to name some but few, are proposed.

Gamma Mini Motor

All these versions combine to create a comprehensive and extended catalogue that is being constantly updated. That is further reason why Mini Motor has decided to group its production into macro categories, as follows:

  • Motors and Coaxial Gear Motors: Asynchronous three-phase and single phase motors with 2 or 4 poles from 9 to 740 W. Available in two sizes: 55 mm and 80 mm.
  • Worm screw gear motors. Worm screw gear motors, available in four sizes: with c/c distance 20, 26, 32, 38. Reduction ratios up to 475, torque up to 90 Nm (XCE 150 Nm).
  • Brushless gear motors and motors. Brushless 4-pole sinusoidal motors from 32 to 880 W, with torque from 0.085 to 2.4 Nm. Planetary reduction units with reduction ratios up to 49 and torque up to 95 Nm. Worm screw reduction units with reduction ratios up to 80 and torque up to 9 Nm.
  • BLDC and Drivers. 230 Vac drives for brushless and asynchronous motors, with and without feedback for power ratings up to 750 W.

24/48 Vdc brushless motors and gear motors with integrated drive with absolute, multiturn encoder and range bus; power ratings up to 500 W.

Customization: the added value

Mini Motor added value can be seen in its capacity of going beyond standard offer and provide ad-hoc products that can truly meet peculiar requirements such as size, challenging application, extreme temperature conditions, etc.

Owing to a potentially endless application field and market asking for increasingly customized and differentiated products, this skill turns out quite strategic as to be able to meet any requirement in real time and keep unchanged all the privileges of Mini Motor “absolute quality”.