Win with IC Filling Systems at drinktec

IC Filling Systems will be exhibiting at Drinktec once again come and meet us on Stand C2-107 to view our machinery and discuss your precise needs. You can also enter our social media competition to win a €50 Amazon Voucher.

Canning & Bottling for Microbreweries & Craft Brewers from one machine…

Our machines offer the only option to fill and cap both bottles and cans with a single machine – all made possible with the appropriate optional attachments.

We supply 2 valve, 4 valve & 6 valve versions with or without rinser, and with a single or twin head crowner or single or twin head seamer.

Designed to package carbonated products such as beer, cider and carbonated soft drinks in glass bottles, PET bottles & aluminium cans. 3 phases of packaging are performed on a single steel base, on lockable wheels, making the unit mobile..

Rinsing, counter-pressure filling, capping and/ or seaming.

 The new aluminum can filling and seaming option is available as a retrofit to all our existing counter pressure filling machines by adding a stand-alone seamer (single head or twin head) and adding the change parts for the filling valves and can holding plates.

Automation at up to 1,000 bottles per hour with the Economical 551 Machine

 Our versatile 551 EPV Microblock is an automatic Rinser Filler and Crowner, which is in use across the world.

One of the most important factors that helped these companies choose our bottling technology is our ‘Y’! The innovative ‘Y’ shaped layout of our conveyors designs feeding in and out of the 551 EPV Microblock allowing for inline labelling, bottle feeding and unload- ing all to be undertaken by a single operator, allowing production of carbonated products at up to 1,000 bottles per hour, based on a 330ml bottle size.

Win with our exciting #FillingSystems Social Media Competition! “Exhibitions are about making new connections and put- ting faces to names, as much as about seeing new equipment and innovations,” says Marco Solferini, Sales Director at IC Filling Systems.

“So as well as showcasing our products designed for microbreweries in Munich this September, we’re liveneding things up for our visitors with a competition to win a €50 Amazon Voucher for the best video or photograph of our stand shared on social media. We’re working to develop our online social footprint, not just sharing information about our products, but also sharing useful industry stories, while not forgetting to have a bit of fun.”

To enter the competition, just take a photo or video of our stand (C2-107 in the SIMEI section), and share with the hashtag #FillingSystems on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


A winner will be drawn on the 15th of September 2017, and the voucher will be emailed to the lucky winner.


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PND srl, the global market rewards high-quality specialisation

Specialisation, customer care, continuous innovation, custom technology and extensive knowledge of international markets are just some of the features that have enabled PND srl to be among the leading companies in the world in the construction and sale of machinery for the processing of fruit.

To this quality is added the conviction of having to insist on ever-increasing knowledge of the industry where we have gained such experience that we can be distinguished from our competitors throughout the world.

An awareness that allows us not to yield to the urging of some customers who would also like us to provide machinery for a processing other products, such as vegetables.

We are proud of our strong identity, and we are not pursuing success in prize competitions or in frantic diversification. The only acknowledgments that gratify us are those from our customers, who choose our machines without focusing on the appearance or hearsay but on the substance of our solutions.

This success is easy to see in the numbers racked up by the strawberry destalking machine (Mod. DF12 – DF24). This machine, only 18 months after its launch, is already present with 35 units on four continents.

Companies based in the United States, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Poland and Egypt have chosen the features of the PND strawberry destalking machine.

Indeed, this machine makes it possible to work with considerable volumes of fruit with great quality, reducing waste to a minimum.

Normal destalking machines usually create product waste of about 30%. With the PND destalking machine, however, this waste is reduced to only 10%. This means a large amount of product is recovered, especially if one takes into account the fact that the models built and marketed by PND can respectively process 300 fruits per minute (Mod. DF12) and 600 fruits per minute (Mod. DF24).

Another feature that makes the PND strawberry destalking machine a winner is its ability to work with all the various sizes of strawberry without needing to be pre-calibrated, as well as the removal of any type of stalk. These features make it particularly popular in Mexico or wherever it is necessary to switch quickly from the field to production.

Without the need to intervene in the settings, the PND strawberry destalking machine is capable of processing a wide range of product with a diameter ranging between 18 and 55 millimeters, a range that, in practice, includes all types of strawberries.

It is a truly global machine, as PND srl is also truly global, being based in Italy, but with representative offices located in several different countries.

A team consisting of 30 people, including administrative and sales staff, technicians and engineers, based at its headquarters in Scafati,in the province of Salerno, in the south of Italy, works alongside agents and technical offices all around the world.

Indeed the human element is one of the main resources of a company with mechanical and technical strengths such as these. Despite the widespread presence of PND representatives on the various continents, when it comes to installing a new machine, there is always an expert who travels from the parent company and follows the process through to completion.

This assumption of responsibility is a guarantee for the customer, which knows from the very first moment that it is going to be accompanied constantly from the design phase to the commissioning of the system.

This constant attention to the needs of its customers is a winning strategy that allows continuous updating in the field and a swift response to customer needs means that customised production lines can be offered to them. The opportunity to deal constantly with customers all around the world offers the technicians from PND the opportunity to tackle new challenges and properly understand the needs of their customers.

Those who choose one of the 15 semi-automatic, manual or automatic machines in the PND catalogue, are choosing a standard machine that can be tailored to their needs. Thanks to the competence and availability of PND technicians it is possible to carry out mechanical adaptations to the machinery, tailoring the type of processing to their needs.

One example of the versatility of the machinery manufactured by PND is highlighted by the changes that have allowed us to adapt our apple peeling machine to the needs of South Korean companies engaged in the processing of nashi apple pears. This fruit has the consistency of a pear, the smooth shape of an apple and the diameter of a baby melon. This challenge was brilliantly resolved by PND.

Relying on PND means having personalised assistance anywhere with skilled technicians able to speak different languages and enjoy- ing the on-site support of offices in Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, South Korea, Egypt, Tanzania, Australia, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Pears, apples, kiwi fruit, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, pineapple, lemons, mangoes, strawberries and peaches are the varieties of fruit handled, with all their possible variants, in order to meet the needs of companies engaged in the production of 4th Range fresh products, the canning industry (jam and canned peaches), and the dried and frozen sectors.

The food industry has always had a need for innovation and has different requirements and peculiarities depending on the different target markets.

For example, in the United States and Europe, the 4TH RANGE is one of the main production sectors, unlike in Turkey, where the main operations are focused on dehydrated or dried products.

PND’s main ability is always to provide successful solutions to make processing easy and economically advantageous, complementing the lines, for example, with a freezing tunnel or drying ovens.

Those wishing to learn more about the wide range of solutions of- fered by PND srl can do so easily on the website at www.pnd- where, besides being able to view the catalogue of machines and lines on offer, you can also see the full calendar of international trade events in which PND takes part with its own stand and make an appointment with the staff of the company, thus offering you the opportunity to receive the most suitable solution for your business.

Motion control understanding what moves you

Control systems which will drive your application forward

Are you look- ing for a flexible solution for your automation task? Then Pilz motion control systems are exactly what you need! Whether you need to synchronise multiple axes, single-axis solutions or safe drive solutions: We have the right motion control solution for your application. With our solutions, you can create your complete user program under IEC 61131-3 in a single project: from the standard PLC functionality to the motion control and CNC functions. This allows you to imple- ment the widest range of complex tasks quickly and simply.

High performance and flexibility with PMCpri- mo Industries

  • Can be expanded at any time thanks to the modular design, in combination with the PMCpro- tego D servo amplifiers
  • Open for integration in the existing control architecture, thanks to a wide range of different communications interfaces
  • Fast to commission and simple to service thanks to universal programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Extremely versatile (from simple to complex applications).

New beer filling line in mainz

A new brewery for Mainz. The boys from Kuehn Kunz Rosen have realised their dream and recently started brewing “craft beer” for Mainz. The project has been accompanied by our- selves, the Clemens company, from Wittlich, among others. We have supplied a GAI MLE 881 filling machine for beer, a GAI 5106 exterior bottle washing machine and an Enos Speedy labelling machine.

The filling line is an 8-position high-pressure filler for beer with an 8-position rinser and a single-position crown corker from the company GAI. The pressure filler is equipped with electropneumatic filling pipes, which have already been patented and marketed in 2013 and have a capacity of up to 1,500 bottles/h in 0.33l beer bottles.

The exterior bottle washing machine is also from GAI in Italy. The system consists of a bottle washing station, a bottle drying station and an anti-fogging device and has a capacity of around 2,500 bottles/h.

The anti-fogging device ensures that, with a temperature of 3 – 4°C, the bottles remain free of condensation for labelling.

The labelling machine is an Enos Speedy. The machine consists of a station for the body label, a station for the back label and a station for the L- security tag. Depending on the equipment, this system has a capacity of up to 2,500 bottles/h.

The complete line was built and put into operation by some of our technicians. If this type of filling line is of interest to you, we have a high level of expertise in machine and beverage technology which we would like to share with you. You can find Clemens and our partners at DRINK TEC in Munich (11-15 September 2017) at the following stands:

APE: C2.21 GAI: B3.524 ENOS: C3.109 GAI: C3.301


We look forward to seeing you there!

Arkema has updated its glass coating website

Arkema, leading company in the glass coating industry, has published a new website to present its solutions for glass containers coating. This website has a new structure and is improved with various articles, documents, and videos explaining the different ranges of products, equipments and services.

Established for the professionals from the glass and filling industries, the visitor has now the possibility to download Technical Data Sheets, marketing brochures and webinar supports about glass coating technics.

The visitor can also contact Arkema’s experts for any request about new glass containers coatings or returnable glass bottles coatings.

Arkema has more than 30 years of experience in the glass containers coating. The company offers solutions for glass producers with hot-end and cold-end treatment (Certincoat® and Tegoglas®) and for bottlers with masking and protective coatings (Opticoat® and Kercoat®).

To know more, visit

Aq: innovative type of oil-free air compressor

The AQ is by far our most innovative type of oil-free air compressor: it combines the advantages of a screw compressor with the guarantee of 100% oil-free air.

Did you know the AQ is even the most efficient type of oil-free compressor in its range? The water in the AQ is used as a lubricant, but it also seals and cools the compression element at the same time.

Water has an excellent cooling capacity, enabling lower compression temperatures. As a result, the AQ is more energy efficient than other oil-free compressor technologies

Oil-free air for a specific application: beverage 

Atlas Copco extends its AQ water-injected screw family now available from 15 to 55kW. This new product range brings reliable, ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0 certified, oil-free air to the most sensitive applications e.g. medical, pharmaceutics, food & beverage where air is in direct contact with the product. For example, in the vinification of red wine, air is sometimes used to break the straw hat. Today, there are solutions that optimize this effect. For example, a newly solution recently patented by Parsec Srl in Florence, is the Airmix- ing M.I.® (Modulated Injection) which uses compressed air to create more variable duration jets that, combined suitably, allow to produce waves that completely disintegrate the straw hat by immersing it with liquid, without violent mechanical actions or moving organs that could create dregs. Advantages? Effective extraction of the entire hat, reduction of vinification time, easy grubbing and, moreover, the system is flexible and can be installed on existing tanks. Another field of application is the manufacture of preforms for PET, where besides being essential to have oil-free air this should be available at pressures above 10 bar.

The opening and closing of the shutters must be quick to ensure high production, so compressed air must always be maintained between 10.5 bar and 11.5 bar. If other oil-free technologies have the limitation of working at a maximum of 10 bar due temperature issue, the AQ can safely reach the 13 bar of pressure responding fully to the process needs.

“Warm water causes scaling and bacteria growth”, doesn’t it? Not in the AQ… The water quality should be impeccable from the start. That is why the AQ is started up with distilled water and maintains its own water supply through a “reverse osmosis” (RO) membrane that filters out particles and minerals that could cause depositions and scaling. The AQ is regularly and automatically flushed to prevent bacteria and minerals from accumulating, so the water quality remains reliable at all times

Selecting the right materials

The AQ protects itself from possible corrosion thanks to the RO unit, which keeps corrosive minerals and salts at bay, but also thanks to its top-class components.

The AQ element’s rotors are made from a ceramic and polymeric material, the shaft from stainless steel and its casing is an aluminum and bronze alloy. Also, other components are made of corrosion resistant material and tested for all kinds of mishap.

Hostile environment But what if something happens to the Reverse Osmosis Unit? Or what if the unit is not operated for some time? Even then, bacteria don’t stand a chance inside the AQ, thanks to the temperatures and turbulence. Continuous water renewal also puts a halt to colonization and washes away any possible nutrients for bacteria. And yes, we put this to the test. The reliable operation of the AQ has of course been tested in various operating conditions.

But especially to tackle some of those customer concerns, the AQ was tested by an independent third party organization. They ran the AQ in extreme conditions and even simulated component failures and with different types of possible bacteria. Simula- tions showed no bacteria were carried over into the compressed air, even with the dryer and cool- er shut down.


Smi: 30 years connected to the marketplace

In 2017 SMI celebrates its 30th anniversary. That’s a crucial goal that the company would like to share with all the stakeholders who contributed to it. Since the very beginning SMI’s path to success has been characterized by countless challenges and innovative ideas which have made the history of packaging and have turned the company into a reference point for many businesses of the food & beverage, dairy and detergents sectors. The bottling and packaging machines manufactured by SMI are increasingly more inspired to the principles of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for totally automated production systems.

SMI’s latest technical developments are marked by “the new age of bottling” and “the new age of packaging” concepts and by the launch of the new ERGON series of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging machines satisfying production requirements up to 33,600 bottles/ hour. Moreover, SMI offers today cutting-edge technologies for both the supervision and automation of bottling lines, the Furthermore of production cycles, data collection and a more efficient and environment- friendly industrial process management.

The constant innovation is the driving force of SMI products’ success enabling to design, manufacture and offer to thousands of clients worldwide state-of-the-art machines and systems capable of adapting easily and efficiently to the requirements of an ever growing market- place. With over 6,000 machines delivered all over the world, SMI boasts a long experience in the packaging sector and offers many different solutions to satisfy the wide range of needs of every type of client.

SMI and the importance of R&D investments Investments in advanced technology and breakthrough innovation are the main driving force for the success of SMI in the world.In order to maintain and further develop its techni- cal expertise, SMI annually invests a significant share of its turnover in Research & Development projects. In almost 30 years, those foregoing investments have enabled SMI to market a wide array of innovative bottling and packaging machines as the new LSK, CSK and SK ERGON series of automatic shrink wrappers enable to pack- age a large range of containers in shrink film only, cardboard flat pad + shrink film, corrugated cardboard tray + shrink film or corrugated cardboard tray only. Recently, a new series has been launched: the new AFW ERGON series of compact shrink wrappers with 90° configuration product in-feed, especially suitable for the packaging of square- or rectangular- based containers/packs.

All packers of the LSK, CSK, SK and AFW series have capitalised on the many different innovations introduced by the ERGON platform, such as an ergonomic machine design, slightly rounded sliding doors, motors mounted on the machine’s external edges, easy access for main- tenance interventions.

SMI’s new secondary packaging machines are equipped almost exclusively with brush-less motors whereas traditional motors are installed only on the shrink tunnel and on the cardboard climb; this solution ensures higher efficiency and precision of movements and low energy consumption. Fur- thermore, the ERGON packers are equipped with a POSYC control panel incorporating a user-friendly man-machine interface with touchscreen display and advanced functions of diagnostics and real-time technical support.

The new shrink tunnels boast cutting-edge technical solutions ensuring energy savings, top environmental compatibility of production processes and high quality of the pack manufactured. At the shrink tunnel outlet a conveyor connects the tunnel belt to the conveyor system of the production line, ensuring a proper thermal transition of the pack thanks to a ventilation device.

Complete solutions for every bottling & packaging need

SMI designs and manufactures complete bottling & packaging systems, chiefly destined to the food & beverage industry, but also for the detergent, personal hygiene and chemical/ pharmaceutical product sectors.

The turn-key lines proposed by SMI are the ideal solution for output needs from 3,600 to 33,600 bottles per hour also requiring high efficiency, broad operating flexibility, low energy consumption and a good quality/price ratio.

The range of turnkey systems proposed by SMI includes cost-saving and compact lines as well as full optional and complex solutions, with a wide array of intermediate products that can satisfy customers’ current and future requirements in terms of output rate, product to be packaged, process automation and facility size.

New blow-molder EBS K ERGON: SMI solution devoted to Industry 4.0 At Interpack 2017 SMI exhibited the world premiere of the new compact blow- molder EBS K ERGON in ECOBLOC® version as well as an electronic volumetric filler. A new important step in the “new age of bottling” focused on Industry 4.0.

Since 1987 SMI has been developing cutting-edge projects and technologies, in order to offer turn-key bottling lines and flexible, ergonomic, efficient packaging machines, increasingly inspired by the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT). Based on the technical innovations of the stretch blow-molders of the EBS ERGON series (Electronic Blowing System), SMI engineers have developed a new series of very compact rotary machines, called EBS K ERGON (“K” refers to the German word “Kom- pakt”), suitable for outputs up to 8.800 bottles/hour.

The new models, available in 2-, 3- and 4-cavity versions, offer all advantages of the rotary technology, with an output range traditionally controlled by linear blow-molders (from 3-4.000 to 8-9.000 bottles/ hour); thanks to the state-of-the-art solutions, the EBS K ERGON series can produce PET containers up to 3 litres with a maximum output of 2200 bottles/ hour per cavity for the 0,5-liter format.

A market-oriented and flexible organization In a global market where competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, the possibility to guarantee a “next door” service is for SMI a key factor to effectively and successfully support customers wherever they are. Thus, over the years SMI has set up a widespread network of branches and representative offices in order to extend the service to the widest number of clients.


We have always been living in the future

We have been one step ahead of the others since 1965

 Our future began more than 50 years ago.

Our future began in Bagnolo in Piano, in the heart of the motor valley situated in Italy’s Emilia region, in 1965. That was when Gianfranco Franceschini decided to lay a stake on his passion for mechanics and innovative solutions. The early products were a combination of metal and electricity to achieve the automatic movement of rolling shutters and fixtures with a distinctive trait: design, the ability to make what works beautiful in the best of ways.

The Mini Motor brand was born in 1974, when our production by then was definitely oriented toward electric motors for the industrial sector. We added another two ingredients to metal and electricity: electronics and computerisation.

The concepts of industrial automation and mechatronics emerged between the late ‘70s and the early ‘80s, but according to us at Mini Motor, they are genetic traits. We have had them ever since the very beginning.

Excellence, our fixed idea

Since 1965 we have been doggedly cultivating some fixed ideas: innovation, constant improvement, construction excellence, and collaboration with the customer to together design the best solution. We believe that every motor is a unique piece, even when they are standard products. Motor, reduction unit and electronics are already integrated in the design phase, and all production is in-house, using top quality and zero kilometre materials and components.

Product excellence is achieved only with process excellence: this has always been our philosophy. Today we can offer tens of thousands of items, including worm gear motors, coaxial geared motors and planetary reduction units, brushless servomotors with built-in drive, brushless servo gear motors, drives and frequency converters. Nevertheless, our number one product has always been quality, which we build every day with diligence, enthusiasm and attention paid to the finest detail, and by listening to our customers.

We shorten the distance between us, you and the future

We are active in 55 countries around the world with 5 branches and a widespread network of distributors. We want to be close to our customers and attentively grasp all of their requirements with curiosity. We create customised solutions and standard products with the same attention and the same characteristics of excellence and quality. But we don’t settle for less. We want to always be one step ahead of the others.

Our undertaking for our future and yours today is branching off into three directions: materials and design, smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

  • Every single day we endeavour to make our electric motors more and more compact and resistant, suitable for even working in extreme conditions by using stainless
  • We are engaged in a search for innovative solutions for production Smart manufacturing and lean production have always been part of our organisation, and they allow us to work in a smarter way by integrating and optimising resources – human labour together with manlike robots – and by increasing both the speed and the flexibility of the process,without any waste.
  • Every one of our products is able to easily fit into an Industry 0 scenario because they are equipped with outstanding connection capacity, with the support of all the most widely used industrial communication protocols: CanOpen, Ether- cat, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profinet.



Quality is not a sheet of paper, but  rather a way of being and working that guides every action toward excellence. Quality is not a duty. It is a passion that we cultivate every day, in every moment, with diligence. We don’t settle for being compliant with the requisites requested. Instead, we try to always be one step beyond certification alone. We constantly work to keep up the highest levels of quality and safety for all of our products and all of our services. It is only in this way that the certifications stop be- ing sheets of paper and turn into a guarantee of true excellence.

We are certified ISO 9001:2000, standard of reference for those who want to subject their production processes to complete quality control, starting from gathering the requirements of the customers and ending with the monitoring of every step of the production process. All of our products have obtained the CC- SAus (Canadian Standards Association) mark for both the Canadian and US markets, and the IP65 protection rating, in compliance with the CEI EN 60529 standard, thanks to our manufacturing solutions and the high-quality components used. The stainless steel IP69 series is, on the other hand, compliant with the IP69 international protection rating that identifies products totally protected from dust, sand and any small solid particle in general, and suitable for permanent immersion in water and for high pressure and high temperature jets of water.


Born for action, born for protection Our motors are born for action. Packaging, packing, bottling, palletizing, boxing, stacking and wrapping are actions that demand a compact design, precise movements, always the right speeds, resistance, easy programming. All in one word: absolute reliability.

Packaging means taking care to wrap up a product in the most appropriate and resistant packing to be sure it reaches the end user intact. We take care of your products with our motors.

We like challenges, and we want you to put us to the test

To get truly smart production, the logistics have to efficiently integrate with the entire production process, and not just with the end of line. Logistics is the true strategic area, the one that can make the difference. We have always worked in the food & beverage sector, and this has taught us a lot. Very high health standards to be met, considerable customisation requirements, and a need for quick and safe product changeovers are only a few of the obligations that push us to constantly improve our entire range of electric motors and geared motors. These improvements affect not just the body, but the mind of the motor as well owing to smart drives and ease of integration via the most widespread industrial communication protocols.


Able to withstand everything Our motors are tough and they withstand everything: sanitization with aggressive products, washing with high pressure and high-temperature water, lengthy immersion in liquids, contact with chemical agents.

Critical environments are our natural habitat. Treatment plants for food, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and chemical products demand design follow- ing the principles and guidelines of Hygienic Design: considerable attention is paid to contact surfaces, geometries used to prevent substances from accumulating, ease and safety in washing and sanitization, necessary stratagems on fixed and moving joints and on welded parts.

IP69K: the series made of steel, inside and out

 IP69K is the Mini Mo- tor series capable of anything. These are geared motors that combine small size with the superior character- istics of stainless steel. With their completely smooth and groove-free surfaces, these motors comply with the IP69K protection rating, ideal for use in aggressive environments or those that demand very high health standards, such as in the food and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors.


Quick to learn, in all subjects Our motors learn fast: they can be programmed easily, flexibly and can be customised, plus they are able to control speed and power with extreme accuracy. In the world of Industry 4.0, speed in learning is an essential quality, especially when it is combined with integration speed.

Automation does not mean only replacing human labour. It is something more radical. Automation means opting for an integrated system logic based not on single machines or on groups of machine, but on the entire production process. Top of the class, in every sector. The quality of an integrated system depends on the quality of every single component and on the ability to integrate the parts.

Our motors are sociable. They speak several languages and feel comfortable with everyone. Wherever there is automation, our electric motors and geared motors contribute toward increasing the overall level of quality of the system. That is because they offer precision, efficiency, high performance, flexibility of use and simple configuration.

Our offer numbers thousands of items, including worm gear motors, coaxial geared motors and planetary reduction units, brushless servomotors with built-in drive, brushless servo gear motors, drives and frequency converters. It is a range complete in terms of characteristics and performance, as well as its ease of integration in production processes and support of the most widely used protocols for industrial communication networks.