Bondani SRL, 25 years of history

bondani-2This is an important milestone for the company, founded by Bruno Bondani in 1994, but at the same time it also represents an exciting starting point, which welcomes the new challenges of a rapidly changing world, also thanks to the entrance of an apical figure in the workforce

– his son Alessio. The company, located in the heart of the Italian food valley and in that of the Italian food-machinery valley, can boast great success due to an undisputed entrepreneurial ability of its owners as well as the choice and support of technical experts who have been able to work together and create a versatile and efficient team, customer and objective oriented.

bondani-1In this sector, it is not simply a matter of selling a project, a machine or a plant: at the heart of it, there is the strong desire to satisfy the customer through a collaboration that, starting from the drawing on paper and the start-up of the idea, leads to the concrete realization and installation of a plant, built in such a way as to remain efficient and functional throughout its life cycle. The secret behind Bondani’s long history is a combination of flexibility and teambuilding, and this makes the company a well-known and established company both in Italy and abroad within the food handling and endof-line sector. The company has been chosen as a partner by many important national and international companies in the food sector and other sectors. In fact, Bondani Srl aims both at the national and international market, and is already operating in France, North Africa, Russia and the Eastern European countries. To trace back the pivotal stages of this history we need to start from the early nineties, when Bruno Bondani founded the company in 1994 thanks to his experience and deep knowledge of the pack aging and handling sectors. The economic situation was very stimulating. Particularly in Parma and its province, in the heart of the food valley, where there was the engine of an important sector: mechanics applied to automatic machines. This way, a light and flexible company could be consolidated, with a family management and a wise and passionate team, with a strong attitude to adapt to the rapid changes of the market and a level of technical competence that is capable of designing and manufacturing quality machines and plants with a competitive quality/ price ratio.

bondani-3Bruno and Alessio Bondani represent an entrepreneurial continuity in know-how and skills, a great asset of Italian manufacturing where the wisdom of the workers has always guaranteed the future of the company. At the same time, the entrance of the young generations brings innovation and encourages the changes that arise from the desire to look forward. As a whole, the group knows how to work in perfect synergy, has invested in innovation and technology, committing itself to a “user friendly” and “green” vision of the machines and lines, always maintaining unaltered the attention to the customer’s needs, which are welcomed and treated through the maximum customization of the projects.