Stainless steel, integrated drive, connection capacity, design: mini motor – from the great success of 2017 to the new projects for 2018

It’s been a year of hard work and great success for Mini Motor, leading company in the electric motors, drives and brushless gear motors based in Reggio Emilia. “Growth has been our keyword for 2017: new products, new functions, a higher integration and new markets”, tells the managing director, Andrea Franceschini. “Our expanded range of products has helped us to establish our presence in the international market”, explains Franceschini, “not only in more traditional markets such as Europe,USA and India, but also in the Middle East, South America, Russia and China, a country that is getting more attentive to quality, innovation and new technology”.

During Simei Drinktec in Monaco and Pack Expo in Las Vegas, Mini Motor presented to the international public the new on going projects, especially the new DR product: an evolution of the single phase and three phase asynchronous motors, the motors of the DR series will feature the integrated drive, connection capacity and especially a brand new design – the motor will be much smaller than the actual options.

Among the available products there is the DBS series, an excellence in the automation and motion control, which has been enlarged in 2017 with some new models: it’s a brushless servomotor with integrated drive and magnetic absolute encoder able to save in its system up to 6 months the last functions used, making it easy to restart after a breakdown.

Every product is easy to fit into an Industry scenario because all models are equipped with outstanding connection capacity, which permits  configuration with the following primary protocols: CanOpen, Ethercat, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profinet and Powerlink. Their compact  design is synonymous of small dimensions and makes them easy to install, access and maintain.

In the particularly demanding sector of food&beverage, the motors of IP69K series are important products for the market given their small dimensions and the use of the stainless steel: with a totally smooth surface, these motors are ideal to be used in aggressive environments and where high hygiene standards are required. The stainless steel is similar to glass and porcelain, and it ensures:

  • corrosion resistance, especially to detergents, solvents, and disinfectants;
  • surface consistency with no porosity;
  • effective bacterial removal during the clean ing process and low bacterial retentiveness after the cleaning process.

MiniMotor has always been up to date with the technological evolution, both in terms of production processes and regarding the characteristics of the materials. The constant commitment in looking for innovative solutions has allowed Mini Motor to realize the core concepts of the smart manufacturing: working in an intelligent way with its resources – both human and robotics increasing the speed and the flexibility of the manufacturing process. Mini Motor can guarantee great customization as well as high quality at competitive prices even in standard productions, making each product with high levels of quality, precision and efficiency, and therefore greater performances at lower costs.

Mini Motor is active in more than 55 countries around the world  with 4 branches in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA (a new branch in the Emirates will open soon), and a widespread network of distributors. Today the company can offer thousands of items, including worm gear motors, coaxial geared motors and planetary reduction units, brushless servomotors with integrated drive, brushless servo gear motors, drives and frequency converters.

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