Smi spa: smart bottling and packaging systems in order to be more competitive

110ersfBy manufacturing machines with an innovative design equipped with IoT technology, SMI pro- vides customers from all over the world smart solutions, able to satisfy their needs concerning production efficiency, operational flexibility, energy saving and ease of managing and monitoring bottling and packaging lines.The latest developments and the considerable and continuous invest-ments in Research & Development have led to the realization of even more compact, ergonomic, eco-friendly machines, like the new EBS K ERGON rotary stretch-blow moulders and the ECOBLOC K ERGON integrated systems: innovative and unique solutions which can be installed even on small bottling plants and ensure advantages such as the ease of manage- ment and control for the line operator.Thanks to the new EBS K ERGON rotary stretch-blow moulders series, SMI has recently been chosen to repre-sent Italy in the category

“Innovation Awards” at the European Business Awards.An example of the new EBS K ERGON range will be also showcased at the exhibition Brau Beviale, which will be held in Nurenberg from November 13th to 15th, 2018.

The EBS K ERGON stretch-blow moulder is available in 2, 3 and 4-cavity versions and al- lows the users to benefit from all the advantages of the rotary technology in a speed range (from1.000 to 9.000 bottles/hour), traditionally served by linear stretch- blow moulders. Compared to these, the EBS K ERGON features important advantages, such as:

  • extremely reduced dimensions: the letter K comes from the German word “kom- pact” and underlines the compactness of the machine module, which integrates the preform heating section and the stretch- blow moulding section in a single structure;
  • high technological content, inspired bythe Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) concepts;
  • completely electronic production process with transmission sys- tem that uses brush- less motors equipped with integrated digital servo-driver;
  • low operating and maintenance costs;low energy consumption and eco-friendly processes: the stretch- blow moulding carou- sel is equipped with motorized stretch rods, controlled by electronic drives which do not require mechanical cams; this solution ensures precise control of the path of the stretch rod, significant energy savings and reduced mechanical interventions.


GON: the most compact rotary combi in the world Resulting from an innovative project characterized by the use of tech- nologically advanced solutions inspired by Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT), the ECOBLOC® ERGONK series developed by SMI is an ultra-compact system for stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping PET containers up to 3 L.The ECOBLOC® K systems offer all the advantages of the rotary technology, even for production requirements from 1.000 to 9.000 bottles/hour and are suitable for bottling lines for milk and still water ( EV models) and edible oil (EM models). In ECOBLOC® version, combined with a filling and capping module, the new EBS K ERGON indeed offers even more advantages:

  • optimal performance with reduced costs for manufacturing, filling and capping contain- ers up to 3 L, since this configuration does not require the rinser and the conveyor belts between the stretch-blow moulder and the filler;
  • precise and fast filling high performance: the stretch-blow moulding system uses high-performance, low-dead volume valves, allow- ing to reduce preblowing and blowing times, thereby improving the machine efficiency and the quality of the bottles pro- duced.and capping process, thanks to the electronic control system of the operations and the use of high-efficiency valves controlled by flow meters;

  • reduced time for preparing the machine for the cleaning operations, thanks to the use of false bottles integrated in the valve itself;
  • new design with modular frame, without welding, equipped with safety doors made of tempered, very resistant, long-lasting glass;
  • great quality-price ratio: the “combi” solution does not need the rinser, the conveyor belts between the stretch-blow moulder and the filler and the accumulation convey- ors;
  • innovative and unique solution allowing to install the system even on small bottling From today cap posi- tioning is easier Automation procedures on bottling and packag- ing lines concern every machine on the line, including the ones thatcarry out simple opera- tions; for these reasons, SMI has created the gravitational cap grapper EASY-CAP, which takes the caps from the hop- per, orients them prop- erly and transfers them to the bottling line.Mechanical functionality and technological know- how are integrated into the new EASY-CAP system, whose main feature is the integration in a single structure of three different devices, each one devoted to a specific function: the motorized hopper for the loading of loose caps, the elevated conveyor for the handling of caps from a loading to an unloading height and the the outfeed cap discharger linked to the cap channel.The advantages of the new EASY-CAP grabber.
  • very compact structure, made of AISI 304 steel, suitable for any layout solution;
  • fluid and linear movement, allowing to transport only correctly positioned caps, while the others fall back into the hopper through gravity;
  • system suitable for several types of plastic caps;
  • “user-friendly” operator interface, allowing the operator to use the machine easily and efficiently

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