Our vision, our mission and philosophy of excellence

Our philosophy is very simple: “give the best to people who expect the best. (D.Z.)”

Following its philosophy PIGO srl set a goal and became an initiating force in technological and consequently economical progress in food processing  industry, a world-class leader in the design and  manufacturing of high technology freezing, freeze drying and drying equipment, as well as fruit and vegetable processing machinery.

PIGO srl can proudly say that its machines achieve excellence, both from operating characteristics and energy efficiency point of view. Furthermore, they are user friendly, feature that together with the above gives many privileges to the Users.

The key advantages of PIGO Technologies that allow to the user a money saving process are: FASTER PROCESS WITH LESS ENERGY Our proprietary method reduces process time up to 15-20% while consuming less energy LOW TEMPERATURE OPERATION – Uniquely designed features allow the low temperature operation cycles which are crucially important for preserving the natural in- tegrity of the product.


FRIENDLY – great care and determination was put into designing a system that makes accessing and cleaning every component very easy, ensuring that bacteria or residue will not get entrapped on any equipment or food surfaces. PIGO designs only machinery with fully accessible and cleanable machine interior.

OPERATOR FRIENDLY – all steps in the pro- cess are designed to facil- itate the simple. Fast and efficient operations and maintenance.

Following the above guide lines PIGO srl manufac- tures EASY Freeze – IQF Fluidized bed freezers (Redefining IQF Technology with  adaptable air flow), EASY Freeze SPYRO – spiral freezers/ proofers/coolers, EFD family of Freeze Dryers/ Lyophilizers (introducing innovative design and establishing a new  level of final product  quality), Adiabatic Multistage Belt Dryers PG 135 (with separate temperature and humidity zones control), PG 103 / PG 104 Pitting Machines and complete fruit and vegetables pro- cessing lines.

EASY Freeze family is a perfect solution for IQF freezing of great variety of fruits, vegetables, sea, meat and cheese prod-

ucts while EASY Freeze SPYRO freezers are most suitable for the freez-ing of doughy products, meat, fish, pizza and much more. PIGO srl Freezers are built in modular sizes with all components entirely realized of stainless steel, with fully controlled fluidization method that keeps the product constantly suspended above the belt in a cushion  of air, providing the perfect IQF product even when dealing with delicate prod- ucts like cooked rice, raspberries, etc.

EFD Freeze Dryer allows to save delicate aromas while drying the frozen product under vacuum producing a premium quality product. Freeze Drying technology  allows to have the sensorial properties  of the finished product perfectly superim- posable to those of the fresh product.


Adiabatic Multi- stage Belt Dryer PG 135, with adjusta- ble individual zone drying allows to dry the product with very low tempera- tures with up to 2-3 times shorter drying time, preserving the product color and quality. As all PIGO srl machinery the entire machine is realized of stainless steel and materials ideal and approved for use in food industry.]

Besides the above men- tioned machines PIGO srl also manufactures the PG 103 and PG 104 pitting machines. The PG 103 us the high-capacity automatic machine that has at least 50-100% higher capacity than any other pitting machine on the market, achieving this capacity with the optimal tact of 60 cycles per min.

PIGO srl systems are designed to create a “High Tech” solutions that contain dozens of innovations allowing small and large improvements.

To get a better idea of what PIGO srl does please visit the website www.pigo.it or just send an e-mail to info@pigo.it. Some short video clips of PIGO machines in opera- tion are available also on: www.youtube.com, look for PIGOsrl or follow them on social media for news.

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