Fruit and vegetable processing lines

The company Navatta, founded by Mr. Giuseppe Navatta in 1983, produces and installs fruit and vegeta- ble processing lines and boasts references across the globe.Navatta Group is center of excellence for the produc- tion and installation of processing machines and turn keys with capacity ranging from 3 to 120 t/h of incoming fresh product. MANUFACTURING RANGE kind of package or in aseptic; diced, puree, juices (single strength or con- centrated) from Mediter-ranean / tropical fruit, all filled into any kind of package or in aseptic;

  • Fruit crushing lines from IQF, frozen blocks and frozen drumshigh yield PATENTED fruit puree cold extraction, fruit purees / juices equalized in aseptic.
  • Wide range of evaporators to produce tomato paste, Mediterranean and tropical fruit concentrates, multifunction evaporator: falling film and forced circulation
  • Evaporators for coffee and milk: evapora- tion before spray driers,freeze dryers or other dryers
  • Evaporators for cogen- eration industry (waste treatment)
  • Aseptic sterilizers
  • Aseptic fillers for spout bags/ spout-less bags from 3 to 20 liters, Bag- in-Drum 220 liters, Bin-in-Box / IBCs 1.000 –1.500 liters;
  • Spiral pasteurizer and cooler
  • Formulated products productions (jam, ketchup, sauces, drinks) start- ing from components unloading to dosing, mixing, mechanical / thermal stabilizing, to filling into any kind of package or into aseptic mini-tanks;
  • Processing pilot plants;
  • Vegetable processing
  • receiving, rehydration, cooking, grilling and freezing

Navatta Group’s headquarter and the two production units are located in Pilastro di Langhirano, Parma, with a total pro- duction area of 10,000 square meters.

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