Equipment for refrigeration, storage and transportation of fresh and frozen food

For over 50 years, Zanotti Spa has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the refrigeration, storage and transportation of fresh and frozen food. Founded in 1962 as a family-run business with the conception of the new and revolutionary “uniblock” system, a complete cooling system that is autonomous and ready to be used for small needs, the management changes made in 2002 led the Zanotti company towards international grounds and turned it into a managing structure that was better prepared to face competitors worldwide.

Over time, Zanotti has improved its series, which are now the most complete offers available on the market. Zanotti can meet the food cooling needs of the entire cold chain, thus, of the pres- ervation of raw materials, of their processing, storage and distribution to supermarkets, specific shops or restaurants.

The units designed for refrigerated transportation complete the series and ensure foods are handled safely. The products developed by Zanotti cover the needs of small to medium-sized cooling necessities, as well as the needs of logistic and storage centers: monoblocks, multicompressor stations, condensing units and cooling systems for food, but also for the aging of cold meats and cheeses, to refine wines or to dry grains in silos. The diesel unit completes the cooling chain with its split battery system or others, which were specifically designed for the short, medium to long dis- tance transportation of food.

The industrial division designs and implements equipment for ice tracks, like the new ones of Courmayeur and the Arena of Minsk, which is the biggest one in Europe. Recently, the company acquired a new contract to make a track, with Olympic features, in the new ice stadium of Ka- zakistan. The works will soon begin.

The installation will be implemented with the latest free-cooling technologies that use the cold from outdoors at certain times of the year. Re- cently, Zanotti was chosen by a major airline of the United Arab Emirates to make a system for their new catering center for a value of 21 millions of dollars; in the international airport to increase the production of 260,000 meals a day that will be distributed on board of the new Boing fleet. It’s one of the biggest and most modern structures of this kind world wide and, therefore, it requires highly reliable systems, top notch final touches and strict hygienic conditions with regards to the equipment.

As a result of this important contract, Zanotti recently won the tender for the supply of a similar installation; which should be implemented in the new airport of Muscat, in the Sultanates of Oman.Other successes ensure the reliability of the Zanotti installations, implemented worldwide, such as the one of the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic to design and provide an installation to preserve apples in a controlled atmosphere for long periods, up to 7 months. Here, Zanotti has crushed the German competitors by presenting projects with advanced technologies that use intermediate non- toxic fluids from a nutritional viewpoint.

Nationally speaking, Zanotti has completed works with a leading Italian cheese manufacturer by implementing an aging system of the highest level thanks to the latest technologies; maximum energy savings with low operating costs, maximum reliability to reduce maintenance and to ensure the continuity of operations through central- ized management and with a supervision system. Today, Zanotti Spa is an International Group with production plants in Spain, England and it counts on a strong network of certified suppliers who provide expertise and assistance worldwide.

The quality of the Zanotti products is the primary concern of the production unit. Actually, the products have been ISO 9001 certified in Italy, they have received the EC marking in Europe, the Gost in Russia and the UL in the US for several years now. These markings and certifications are based on the local standards of quality. The attention devoted to customers and the flexibility of the products are essential characteristics for Zanotti: investing in research and development to better meet customer demand by providing more convenient solutions in terms of energy savings and reliability of use is a priority. The know-how Zanotti acquired over 50 years also concerns the environ- mental aspects involved since the products are developed

to provide low energy con- sumptions and reduced noise levels; as to meet the current technological trends that aim to contain greenhouse gas emissions. This is how the BESTCOP® technology was created. It is applied on themotorized condensing units that are manufactured by Zanotti to improve the efficiency and energy consumption levels of the cooling equipment. This basically can be translated into energy savings (from 15 to 20% depending on the different environmen- tal conditions).

The technological research is at the base of the investments Zanotti allocates every year to better meet the needs of the customers’ requirements by taking their work needs and the greenhouse gas emission standards into consideration. Innovation, energy savings, quality and competence are the key words that best de- scribe the works implemented by Zanotti up to today and they also represent a promise for the future.

Recently Zanotti is joining the Daikin Group. This special event symbolizes the 3rd phase of evolution of Zanotti and can now be truly considered to be one of the largest, if not THE largest refrigeration Company in the world today, with certainly the most diverse product range imaginable. Zanotti is still the head office for the refrigeration field, but is now stronger with a great partner like Daikin.

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