Drink cup, a great example of innovation in the field of bottled water for dispensers

p180_ehn2gt_frontcopie-originalDrink Cup is an Italian leading company in the bottling of water in PET bottles, repre­senting one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the indus­try, thanks to its patents. Among the many in­novations that Drink Cup has introduced lately, one exemplifies the advantages that the company constantly look for not only for its customers, but also for the environment. This is the brand new SQUARE WATER BOTTLE that allows 30% extra storage and transportation of bottles for the same size. This means a reduction in the storage space for customers and a reduc­tion in pollution to de­liver the same amount of water.

The owner of the com­pany, Marco Antonio Ferrero, explains that his factory is located in the fascinating Furlo Pass in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. The factory bottles the water that springs from the heart of Furlo Pass Natural Reserve. The environ­mental awareness is also testified by the recent 400 megawatt photovol­taic system that has been installed on the roof of the production fac­tory, which guarantees self-power generation for the factory, allowing the plant to be self-suffi­cient: each bottle is thus produced using solar energy. Moreover, in the factory the lighting is generated by low-impact

LED lights or energy-ef­ficient fluorescent neon lights, and the heating is obtained by recovering the heat produced dur­ing the production pro­cesses.

Before the bottling phase, during the clean­ing and sanitising pro­cess of PET containers, Drink Cup has banned the use of detergents and polluting chemical agents, employing only self-produced ozone. Similarly, the objective of ‘zero environmen­tal impact’ is pursued through the use of PET, an easily recyclable plas­tic material. The com­pany collects from their customers the empty bottles which are then shredded and reused to produce new non-food containers or synthetic fibers for the clothing or the automotive indus­try.

The factory has a pro­duction capacity of over 4,000,000 bottles per year, with production lines and a high-tech warehouse featuring:

  • 6.000 sqm indoor;
  • storage capacity of over 300,000 bottles;
  • more than 2.000.000 sqm of area of appur­tenance ensuring pro­duction quality;
  • an internal lab accredit­ed by ACCREDIA, the National Accreditation Body, where two expert biologists constantly analyse the water so that all production lots are monitored in real time, continuously updating a complex system of HACCP and ISO 9000:2008 for the management of the entire production cycle.

joog-14And there’s more in terms of innovation. Drink Cup has also designed and licensed an innovative system for the construction of wells for drinking water, which was developed by a startup called Water Wells. This startup was created to promote the commercial develop­ment of a simple and clever idea that revolu­tionizes the way in which wells for drinking water are designed and built, with the following ad­vantages over traditional technologies:

  • energy consumption is reduced by 10% – 60%, thanks to the decrease in pressure drop;;
  • installation time and costs are reduced as well as ordinary and extraordinary mainte­nance, thanks to the chain installation;
  • no need for sanitizing treatments since the proliferation of bacte­ria is prevented inside the well;
  • the wells are safe from aquifer pollution or attempts to sabotage (since they are isolated from the external en­vironment and under pressure);
  • this technology can be used both on new wells and on wells already in use;
  • without feed pipe.

In order to upgrade its production line accord­ing to the growing pro­duction, such an innova­tion-oriented company could only work with an innovative supplier.

Drink Cup partnered with Atlas Copco Ita­lia, a company that has made innovation one of its core values, and chose their high pressure compressor P 180-50. Introducing this new compressor has helped to reduce the plant en­ergy consumption from 0.6 kWh/bottle to 0.4 kWh/bottle. In the pro­duction of PET bottles, the total absence of oil or polluting substances in the pressurized air is essential. Atlas Copco P compressors not only provide high quality air, they also offer a high level of energy efficiency and productivity, helping to reduce unit costs.


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