Beer can labeling machine

beer-can-labeling-machine-pngAelf-adhesive labelling lends itself to the primary decoration of beer bottles, but also to the addition of supplementary information to already-labelled bottles exported to countries which require this.

An ALbelt C wrap labeler was recently installed in an upscale craft brewery in the North East United States.

The company creates a variety of short run, limited edition beers in their brewery in Portland, Maine.

People are known to stand in line to purchase the most recent limited addition and seaso nal beers at a brewery that was chosen as “one of the top 100 breweries” by a men’s magazine.

The ALbelt C provides the brewery the opportunity to label their cans eliminating the need to purchase preprinted cans.

This provides more flexibility for labeling their limited edition beers while maintaining the appearance of a preprinted can by using clear film labels.

The labeler equipped with an ALritma M label head is capable of labeling 12, 16 and 22 ounce cans at speeds up to 60 cpm.

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