Zambelli: we love, we design, we care

zambelli-3It was 1969 when from the love for mechanics, the passion for automation and the courage of a young newlyweds – Flavio Zambelli and Jolanda Passerini – Zambelli’s Company was born, specialized in the design and manufacturing of packaging machines.

50 years of business, 3 generations at work, more than 1500 Customers Worldwide

Almost fifty years ago Flavio Zambelli had a dream. He wanted to do something that would not only provide for his family but would also better the community. Flavio launched his company out of a nondescript garage in Bologna downtown. In the ensuing decades, Flavio’s dream became true and thanks to the 2nd and 3rd generations at work, Zambelli would grow into the company it is today, proud of serving customers worldwide.

Products range

Zambelli’s machinery are versatile and reliable, long lasting and high performing best suited to customer’s need for the secondary packaging in a wide range of industries among which food & beverage, pet food, health & care and chemical. It ranges from shrink-wrappers, cartoners and case packers to the latest robotics applications for pick & place and palletizing.

HMI – Human Machine Interface

Zambelli use an enhanced and user-friendly HMI. Thanks to which the operator can quickly learn to use the machine.

From the HMI the operator can check the machine status, set the parameters, access the machine configuration and save format data. The machine monitoring system includes photos and videos associated with the format.

Moreover, it allows to read the technical documentation. Last but not least, the PC equipped with Supervision is designed for troubleshooting, because for Zambelli to help customers comes first.

Focus on: Shrinkwrappers

• Available for film only, flat pad + film, tray + film packaging style.

• Continuous motion packaging machine suitable to group and pack: cans, plastic & glass bottles, jars & pots with heat shrink film with or without a cardboard support i.e. a flat pad or a tray.

• LFT have been conceived to allow fast and reliable format changeover; all movable parts are fitted with adjustable handles on metric rods or handwheels with digital readouts so that operator can carry out the format changeover simply following the procedure and adjusting each part to the set position.

• LFT are fitted with transparent access doors on all sides allowing fast cleaning and maintenance.

• Safety switches connected to the emergency circuit immediately stop the machine at access door opening.

• Film reel unwinding is motor driven at constant speed to pull film to the cutting section without any strain. The single cutting blade is serrated type and its turning movement operated by servomotor allows the cutting speed to be fine adjusted in the format program according to the bundle size.

• Advanced cutting technology allows to use very thin films with a huge saving.

• Electronic card for remote connection and troubleshooting available.

• Data exchange with corporate SCADA available.

zambelli-1Shrinkwrappers series CL-CLV

• Speed up to 15 bundles/ min.

• Suitable for packing containers with LDPE film using the sealing bar method.

LFT 20-30-40

• Speed up to 40 bundles/ min.

• According to the model capacity, the product grouping can be carried out by a pneumatically operated collating gate or by continuous motion combs pulled by servodriven chains. Both system guarantee optimal product backpressure control and very fast changeover.

LFT 50-60-70

• Speed up to 70 bundles/ min.

• The product grouping is carried out by continuous motion combs pulled by servo-driven chains, system that guarantees optimal product backpressure control and very fast changeover.

LFT 90-120

• Speed up to 120 bundles/ min.

• Carton blank pick up carried out by rotating shaft with suction cups.

• The product grouping is carried out like the LFT 50-60-70.

Focus on: Case Packers for RSC

• Suitable to package cartons and flow-packs in RSC.

• Speed up to 15 cases/min.

• Case sealing by adhesive tape or hot melt glue.

• Case Packers are fitted with transparent access doors on all sides allowing fast cleaning and maintenance interventions.

• Changeover is very fast thanks to handles on metric rods or handwheels with digital readouts installed on all movable parts. The operator can carry out the format changeover simply following the procedure and adjusting each part to the set position.

• Safety switches connected to the emergency circuit immediately stop the machine at access door opening.

• Electronic card for remote connection and troubleshooting available.

• Data exchange with corporate SCADA available.

zambelli-2RSC Case Packers series AP200

• The machine is characterised by an inclined magazine from which the blanks are picked up by suction cups mounted on a swing arm.


• Speed up to 25 cases/min.

• The top loading pick&place case packer is the system of choice for all products that cannot be turned on their side.

• Pick&place carried out by vertical articulated robot allows to adapt the machine footprint to the space available in the packaging line.

• Option to load more than one case every robot cycle to cope with high capacity lines.

• Product spacing for precise picking carried out by worm-screws allows to package even difficult containers that cannot be accumulated (tapered cups, small unstable jars).


• The machine is characterised by a high capacity vertical magazine complete with pre-magazine with a support for an additional blank stack to make loading easier for the operator and increase overall blank storage capacity

Focus on: Wrap-Around Case Packers

• Suitable to package bottles and cartons in wraparound case.

• Case sealing by hot melt glue.

• WR Case Packers are fitted with transparent access doors on all sides allowing fast cleaning and maintenance interventions.

• Changeover is very fast thanks to handles on metric rods or handwheels with digital readouts installed on all movable parts. The operator can carry out the format changeover simply following the procedure and adjusting each part to the set position.

• Safety switches connected to the emergency circuit immediately stop the machine at access door opening.

• Electronic card for remote connection and troubleshooting available.

• Data exchange with corporate SCADA available.

Wrap-Around Case Packers series AP200W

• Speed up to 25 cases/min.

• Special infeed with pocket chains operated by one or two servomotors depending on the line capacity allows to package stand up pouches and bags in display trays with or without hood.

WR 20-30-40

• Continuous motion case packer machine suitable to group and pack: cans, plastic & glasse bottles, jars & pots in cardboard cases, corrugated or solid board, formed around the product from a flat blank.

• Speed up to 40 cases/min.

• This series is suitable to pack products both in full wrap-around case and in tray having walls up to the product height (high wall tray).

• According to the model capacity, the product grouping can be carried out by a pneumatically operated collating gate or by continuous motion combs pulled by servo-driven chains. Both systems guarantee optimal product backpressure control and very fast changeover.

• This series features high capacity vertical magazine complete with an additional blank infeed hopper that makes loading easier for the operator and increases overall storage capacity.

• Case forming, product loading and case sealing take place along a continuous motion transfer chain to reduce moving parts strain and wear, guaranteeing long lasting precision and reliability.

Robotic Applications

• For applications that combine packaging with other tasks as applying top cover containing flavouring to ready-to-eat food pots.

Fairs 2019-2020

Pack Expo, Las Vegas [23-25/09/2019] BrauBeviale, Nuremberg [12-14/11/2019] Interpack, Düsseldorf [07-13/05/2020]

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Modula: the 4.0 product in a smart 4.0 factory

modula-2At a time when the computerisation of businesses and the human-data interchange is more and more important, the solution is an automated factory and the Modula VLM represents a solid response to the 4.0 approach. Modula is a VLM based on the idea of taking back floor space and converting it into vertical space. To give you a concrete example, an 840 sqm warehouse becomes just 14 m2 of floor space and a vertical distribution of 16 metres height, giving you a compact and lean factory which has its workers in mind.

So, the principle behind these VLMs is goodsto-man and not man-togoods, avoiding long journeys on foot for operators, human errors, incomplete picking lists and physical effort. Picking is actually automated, so operators avoid having to perform unnecessary moves to reach the products. Access to Modula VLMs is completely computerised via a graphic touch screen user interface with colour display and intuitive icons that simplify the learning process for operators.

The uses for a Modula VLM are wide and varied. For example, they can be used as automatic dispensers that provide assembly areas with the materials needed on the production line.

modula-3Or they can be set up as a store, or used as a buffer for the production line or as a spare parts warehouse. Whatever the operator’s “role”, they no longer have to inspect shelving to find the materials they are looking for: it’s the system itself that finds the materials, records stock levels and issues repeat orders whenever necessary. Here’s another feature: the vertical shelving is modular and potentially infinitely expandable. The savings a business can make by adopting an intra-logistics system like this are huge and there are various VLM models with different specifications.

It starts with the minimal footprint of the Modula Slim which has a depth of less than 1.6 metres, and goes go up to the Modula OneTon with a tray and bay width of 4100 mm and a payload per tray of 990 kg!

Storage solutions also include an internal bay that constitutes the ideal solution for companies needing to minimise their use of floor space, whilst the external bay offers an excellent ergonomic workspace for operators having to pick heavy products.

VLMs can then be connected to anthropomorphous robots, lifting equipment, zero-weight cranes and other automation systems to create a lean, compact factory able to communicate with other systems and automated devices.

While manual solutions could handle 40 order lines per day, now with Modula this can be 500.

VLMs transform the whole process: in the past, operators had to use a ladder to reach a component, hold on tight at a height of 3 metres, keep track of the event with picking slips and then record it all afterwards.

A simple operation like this would require 4 people, while today you need only half that number.

modula-5However, the most important revolution is that these VLMs are equipped with a Modula Cloud device that means you can receive incoming warning signals when any faults in the machine are detected, keeping the customer informed in real time and providing adequate support for preventive maintenance activities. This exchange of information will be essential in the factory of the future. This is an added value that makes it possible to collect and monitor, in the Cloud, all data associated with the VLMs in order to keep track of their operation at all times and provide a service whose goal is to consolidate the relationship between company and customer, resulting in benefits both for the Modula production process and also for the customer. The result is that the Modula system processes a large amount of data that can then be transmitted to help people use the systems, or intervene in real time in the event of improper use, or provide information well in advance of the next maintenance task.

Modula in the Beverage industry

If you are wondering how a business operating in the beverage sector can make use of the benefits of a Modula VLM, it will be made easier by relating the story of Vonpar Refrescos, one of the largest Coca Cola bottling companies in Brazil, with a production unit in Porto Alegre (RS) supplying the areas of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) and Santa Catarina (SC).

At its production site where it bottles all Coca-Cola products on a continuous production line running 24/7, changing equipment and dies on the bottle filling line is a routine activity within the production process. Traditionally, these equipment and dies, which are very heavy items, were stored on high, inconvenient and bulky shelving units spread right across the factory.

Operators had to load them manually on to trolleys to move them around and bring them to the machine, change them over and then bring the replaced items back to the shelves, wasting lots of time looking for and transporting the pieces and requiring lots of physical effort from the operators. With the installation of a Modula VLM Model ML50D at 9.5 m in height and with a payload of 500 kg per tray, fitted with the Trolley (tray extraction and transport device), the equipment and dies could now be stored much closer to the production line, reducing the time needed to locate and transport them. With the Trolley, the physical effort required of operators is reduced to zero and so is the possibility of picking errors. Each replacement set is mapped to a single tray and can be retrieved by calling that tray. This was not the only option chosen by Vonpar, as they also fitted their Modula system with an Automatic Door to protect the stored equipment from dust and external contamination.

modula-6The possible applications don’t stop here: many bottling plants have chosen Modula to store their labels, mapping them tray by tray and retrieving them just in time for production. Where before operators would have to go in search of the correct label and pack, now with one click they can manage the entire set of labels, keeping them safe from, amongst other things, dust, dirt and damage, and making it very easy to carry out an inventory.

Considering that access to traditional warehouses and shelving units was not controlled, with Modula however this can be done via a specific login and password or just using a company security badge or EKS.

2019: Mini Motor is growing with its dbs range and the new dr range

With the arrival of the new DBS 80 and the creation of products in the dr series, MINI MOTOR is consolidating its position at the very top of the automation and motion control sectors


If it’s true that those who stop moving will be left behind, Mini Motor and its constant forward motion are solidly on a path leading to the future. This is borne out not only by Mini Motor’s numbers, but also – and above all – by the company’s ability to apply vision, ideas and resources to the creation of excellent products.

The DBS 80 and the new DR series are the concrete results of this ability. Let’s take a close look at both, starting with the DBS 80.

By now, the DBS Series by Mini Motor needs no introduction.

Ever since it entered the market, the family of brushless servomotors with integrated drive from Mini Motor has set a new standard of productive excellence in terms of rationalization, integration and performance, and has distinguished itself in the world of automation and motion control for its superlative build quality and unparalleled reliability over time.

And today, the DBS range is ready to grow. It boasts a new format called the DBS 80: a brushless servomotor with integrated drive, 80 mm switching panel and 48 VDC voltage requirement. It’s capable of unleashing up to 660 W of power with 2.1 Nm of nominal torque. The product also offers the full set of features that have positioned the DBSrange by Mini Motor at the very top of the market. These include:

• the ability to daisy chain a number of motors using the major communication protocols employed for industrial purposes: EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus, PROFINET I/O and CANOpen;

• the inclusion of an SSI multi-turn absolute encoder at 4096- PPR, which provides maximum freedom to adjust speed and position while maintaining distance – even when powered down;

• compact, seamless integration of all elements – motor, drive and gear (if installed) – combined into a single product of indisputable excellence.

The new DBS 80 is available in two power sizes (stator pack length: 50 mm and 100 mm). Like its predecessors, it’s designed for precision automation and motion control, and is capable of performing highly precise, dynamic movements in any application.

It is therefore perfectly suitable for use in all those sectors that require especially precise and controlled motions, such as the ceramics, packaging and bottling industry. However, thanks to implementation of the principal fieldbusses, the DBSrange is the perfect solution for meeting automation requirements in all production situations. Its many benefits include:

• ease of installation

• reduced amount of wiring

• lower costs

Underlying what we have said thus far is the core concept of the Mini Motor philosophy: motor and gear unit are completely integrated right from the design phase, an approach that has enabled the company to diversify on the market and provides higher performance than most competitors.

Inaugurating the marketing of the new DBS 80 are the words of mechanical engineer Alessandro Cicolella, the director of the Mini Motor technical department, who describes the circumstances in which the new product was developed and outlines the path that is still being followed: “With the expansion of the DBS range, Mini Motor has once again remained faithful to its concept of motorgear-drive integration, thus strengthening its position as a cutting-edge company in the field of mechatronics. Our partners and customers believe in our work. Like us,they are convinced that the future of automation will be firmly grounded in high-quality design, compactness, integration and connectivity”.

But the DBS 80 is not the only great new idea that distinguishes the activity of Mini Motor in this new year of 2019. Another creation has finally seen the light of day and is ready to revolutionize the company’s market in a remarkable way.

mini-motor-1It’s called the DR SERIES and it is the new range of devices which Mini Motor has created to bring all its classic single- and three-phase gear motors in line with the company’s highly-advanced project guidelines:


The DR range is composed of sensorless integrated drives, which can therefore be directly applied to the motors without the need for an encoder, and which elevate the classic gear motors on the market to a smart allin- one model: a perfectly integrated combination of MOTOR, GEAR UNIT AND DRIVE.

The technology used is the same as for the DBS Series, and they also feature the same extensive functionality and advantages that the new generation of Mini Motor products offers.

In fact, DR series drives provide daisy chain control – through an input and an output – of large groups of motors, which minimises complexity and reduces the amount of wiring required. The final result are systems that are more neatly ordered and more compact.

However, the guiding principle of total integration is not only applied to the hardware. It’s also reflected in the software applications designed by Mini Motor to interface with the motors. This combination offers possibilities previously unimaginable for classic gear motors, such as realtime torque and speed control, gathering of data and diagnostic information, and the prevention of machine errors.

The control systems communicate with the drive via a Micro USB interface, while the operator can manage motor settings and parameters via an app installed on any device connected via WiFi.

Some of the key advantages offered by the application of DR devices include:

• Constant speed can be maintained even as the load on the motors changes

• A reduction in overall space of up to 50%

• A reduction in the length of wiring used of up to 50%

• Significant reductions in energy consumption due to integration between the motor, gear unit and drive

Sectors such as logistics, packaging and food&beverage will enjoy the greatest advantages from the introduction of the DR Series.

Series motor applications in systems with large numbers of format changes, for example, can be controlled simultaneously via a single PLC, instead of requiring intervention on each individual element; this principle also applies to the power supply for conveyor belts, trolleys and all systems which require adjustment on the basis of the product being processed.

For Mini Motor, the introduction of this new range of devices means virtually updating its entire classic range of gear motors up to a 240 watt power output, with the prospect – already being analysed – of extending the range up to 740 watt applications.

Aside from the obvious strategic value of this operation for the company, the deeper meaning behind the launch of the DR Series is summed up as follows by mechanical engineer Alessandro Cicolella: “In Mini Motor, innovation is the bread and butter of dozens of people who are researching and developing tomorrow’s automation and motion control systems every day.

But our view of progress would be too narrow if we did not take into consideration the present as a founding element of the future.

In other words, the principle of total integration between the motor, gear unit and drive must apply, and be applied, also to products developed according to other models. Continuing to experiment and obtain success in this direction will tell us how effective our approach to the future is, and therefore how valid our strategic choices are.”

Bondani SRL, 25 years of history

bondani-2This is an important milestone for the company, founded by Bruno Bondani in 1994, but at the same time it also represents an exciting starting point, which welcomes the new challenges of a rapidly changing world, also thanks to the entrance of an apical figure in the workforce

– his son Alessio. The company, located in the heart of the Italian food valley and in that of the Italian food-machinery valley, can boast great success due to an undisputed entrepreneurial ability of its owners as well as the choice and support of technical experts who have been able to work together and create a versatile and efficient team, customer and objective oriented.

bondani-1In this sector, it is not simply a matter of selling a project, a machine or a plant: at the heart of it, there is the strong desire to satisfy the customer through a collaboration that, starting from the drawing on paper and the start-up of the idea, leads to the concrete realization and installation of a plant, built in such a way as to remain efficient and functional throughout its life cycle. The secret behind Bondani’s long history is a combination of flexibility and teambuilding, and this makes the company a well-known and established company both in Italy and abroad within the food handling and endof-line sector. The company has been chosen as a partner by many important national and international companies in the food sector and other sectors. In fact, Bondani Srl aims both at the national and international market, and is already operating in France, North Africa, Russia and the Eastern European countries. To trace back the pivotal stages of this history we need to start from the early nineties, when Bruno Bondani founded the company in 1994 thanks to his experience and deep knowledge of the pack aging and handling sectors. The economic situation was very stimulating. Particularly in Parma and its province, in the heart of the food valley, where there was the engine of an important sector: mechanics applied to automatic machines. This way, a light and flexible company could be consolidated, with a family management and a wise and passionate team, with a strong attitude to adapt to the rapid changes of the market and a level of technical competence that is capable of designing and manufacturing quality machines and plants with a competitive quality/ price ratio.

bondani-3Bruno and Alessio Bondani represent an entrepreneurial continuity in know-how and skills, a great asset of Italian manufacturing where the wisdom of the workers has always guaranteed the future of the company. At the same time, the entrance of the young generations brings innovation and encourages the changes that arise from the desire to look forward. As a whole, the group knows how to work in perfect synergy, has invested in innovation and technology, committing itself to a “user friendly” and “green” vision of the machines and lines, always maintaining unaltered the attention to the customer’s needs, which are welcomed and treated through the maximum customization of the projects.

Clean and quick guiding: new lightweight xiros guide rollers from Igus

pm4318-1Guide rollers with plastic ball bearings and fully-enclosed design ensure hygiene and easy, tool-freeinstallation

In the food and packaging industry, machine builders are turning to clean and hygienic plastic solutions. igus has developed complete solutions for film and label rollers, consisting of various tube materials and polymer ball bearings with flanges. The lightweight systems are now available with a fully-enclosed side. In addition, installation of the new rollers is much easier than before.

Under the brand name xiros, igus offers maintenance-free and, above all, lubrication free polymer ball bearings. In the food and packaging industry, in particular, their key advantage is that there is no risk of contamination due to leaking lubricants.

New in the Xiros product range is a ready-made system solution of aluminum, PVC or carbon tube and two flange ball bearings made of xirodur materials with stainless steel balls. Especially the PVC version, which is entirely of materials approved by the food industry. The extremely light guide rollers are available in various diameters and lengths with millimeter accuracy.

If you need a new guide rollers with one side completely closed.

“The ready-to-install solution with polymer ball bearings and individual shaft and tube lengths is easy to configure.

Assembly and disassembly is simple and does not require tools, ”says Marcus Semsroth, head of xiros polymer ball bearings at igus. Compared to commonly used stainless steel tubes, the aluminum tube weighs significantly less, which in turn has a positive effect on inertia.

Calculate service life easily online

The dry operating xiros polymer ball bearings also offer less friction than lubricated metal ball bearings.

They are much more smoothly.

Very convenient for the machine builder. Alternatively, further information can be obtained by contacting igus directly.


Turnkey solutions for bottling and packaging by bbm

bbm-packaging-2BBM Packaging is an Italian excellence company operating both nationally and internationally. The company specializes in the supply of turnkey water and beverage bottling plants. Our aim is to offer the same excellence to large multinational firms and local ones. The customizable, quick and easy service is the main reason why they have chosen for over 10 years, identifying BBM as the ideal partner for every project.
BBM Packaging, turnkey solutions for bottling and packaging, is today the byword for:
– Used equipment excellence, thanks to careful selection and updating process, to offer competitive prices on the market. Customers can also visit the 7500 m2, until the FAT on the actual products;
– Technical assistance, with more than 50 highly skilled technicians with over 20 years of experience and competence in the sector to form a team that is able to support the customer with the life of the machine and the different models by the main international manufacturers .
– Spare parts, whether it is normal usage or emergency, BBM Packaging is a valid option for the supply of spare parts. Thanks to the wide range of available items, the fast delivery and the competitive prices;
– Much more, the know-how is included in the BBM Packaging offer, following every customer through the project, from upgrading to revamping and making changes to the main leading manufacturers. As a matter of fact, we offer pre-sale analysis and evaluation of possible solutions, up to the realization and the final delivery of the complete project.

The high quality of the BBM packaging offers is also based on the stability of the company over the years, in terms of volumes, services and personnel, establishing itself as a reliable choice for the customer’s investment. Below some details about our core activities which have pushed BBM to today results, with the turnover increasing by 45% in 2018.

bbm-packaging-1 The work on a machine withdrawn from a previous owner, to bring it back to the original conditions, is one of the key strengths and that is why we are always training ourselves on different kind of bottling or packaging machine. The reconditioning work in BBM is carefully monitored by project supervisors, no detail is left behind, and the machine undergoes several steps to be reborn:
– Inspection, as it enters our factory, we fill in a report about what to do in case of reconditioning and possible upgrades;
– Disassembling, to explore any spot or to decide whether it is fully operating or needs refurbishing or replacing;
– Cleaning and fixing;
– Re-assembling, working together, to work that requires the maximum amount of experience to be effective;
– Testing, benchmarking, we start the machine and we evaluate the success rate of our previous work.

It is not easy to determine the amount of time needed to give customers a very precise schedule for their project. Because a timely servicing is important, above all, for us.

Besides the sale of bottling lines and machines and their upgrading, BBM is appreciated for its aftermarket services. We offer a wide range of spare parts thanks to our well-stocked warehouse. On the machines of a bottling and packaging line, we can run a complete check-up, giving customers a snapshot of the state of the machine. So, you will always know if it is working at full operation and reliably. To best serve our customers we have three different maintenance plans, with the following goals:
– Keeping the efficiency of the machine and the line;
– Anticipating eventual faults, no matter the brand, as they are complex machines;
– Providing a detailed report with maintenance schedule and a list of spare parts, with different priorities.

We can cover blow molding machines, shrink-wrappers, filling machines, handle applicators, conveyor belts, air conveyors and palletizers by the leading manufacturers in the beverage market. Our customers can full customize their plan, starting from three packages: Essential; Business; Premium.

Working in the sector of second-hand machinery, we have developed upgrading services, allowing our customers to convert their machines to match or getting closer to the performances of new generation ones. For example, we offer several upgrades for shrink-wrapping machines, maximizing their efficiency.

Among the companies we work with, there are brands such as Coca Cola, Acque Minerali d’Italia, Nestlé Waters and Pepsi, but BBM does not work within the beverage sector only, it also collaborates with major firms in another sectors, for example in the milk industry. Surely, Latteria Soresina is one of the main Italian players on the market with a growing turnover and gathering other quality Italian brands. Latteria Soresina represents also one of the many cases of customers satisfied by the professionalism of BBM services, as they already entrusted us for the production line of Peschiera Borromeo (MI). That is why we have been contacted again for the same site in the province of Milan in 2018, to work on the increasing of productivity projects, through the installation of a new line dedicated to the production of UHT milk bottles. The project has been very engaging as the customer presented us the need of a line that may eventually be combined with the one already installed and guarantee a backup for the production line of the fresh milk bottles: this market has different production demands and stricter deadlines. The final aim was to have the fresh milk line always working. Of course, the first step was to visit the production site to evaluate the scope of the project, then we prepared the design of the new line to be approved by the management of the company, finally we implemented the best machines in the project and we started the operations. BBM Packaging, next to the design, has also supplied the majority of machines of the new line, among them:
– one blow moulder, overhauled and guaranteed, which works with the 38 mm neck typical of milk bottles. Also on the blow-moulding system we took care of the manufacturing of as series of new moulds , customised for the Latteria Soresina bottles.
– one shrink-wrapping machine, working with film, also overhauled and guaranteed.
– one labeller. – the air conveying system between the various machines.

All the machines are used ones, overhauled to be as new and guaranteed by BBM. Particularly interesting, it has been an upgrade on the blow moulder, as a matter of fact, Latteria Soresina asked us to modify the machine to work with lower weight performs, in order to reduce the plastic material, paying attention and respect to the environment, something that has always characterised the two companies. The new line of Peschiera Borromeo, whose installation ended with the commissioning, by BBM, in January 2019, meeting delivery deadlines, produces the 1 litre bottle format, cylinder shaped, and it is able to work with two different packaging configuration with film, 3×2 and 4×2 (respectively working up to 40 packages per minute with the first one and up to 30 packages per minute for the second one), and it can produce about 12.000 bottles per hour. In the end, BBM packaging Solutions has meet the needs of Latteria Soresina and, thanks to its great experience in offering line design and overhauling and installation services on used machines.