Dbs mini motor: the power of a growing range.


By now, the DBS Series by Mini Motor needs no presentation

mini-motor-1Ever since it entered the market, Mini Motor’s fam­ily of brush­less servomotors with integrated drive has set a new standard of pro­ductive excellence in terms of rationalization, integration and perfor­mance, distinguishing itself in the world of automation and motion control for its superla­tive build quality and its unparalleled reliability over time.

And today, the DBS range is ready to im­press once again with its newest format, the DBS 80: a brushless servomotor with in­tegrated drive, 80mm switching panel and 48Vdc power supply, capable of producing up to 500 W of power with 1.5 Nm of nomi­nal torque.

The product offers the full set of features that have positioned Mini Motor’s DBS range at the very top of the market. These include:

  • the new “open” com­munication platform, which allows con­figuration with all the most common pri­mary protocols: Ether­CAT, Ethernet/IP, Powerlink, Modbus, PROFINET, PROFI­BUS, CANopen
  • an SSI multi-turn absolute encoder at 4096-PPR, which allows maximum freedom to adjust speed, torque, position and homing
  • the compact and seamless integration of all elements – motor, gear and drive -provided together in a single state-of-the-art product

mini-motor-2Even more than its predecessors, the new DBS 80 was designed with an eye towards precision automation and motion control, ensuring exceptional precision of movement in any application, with clearlydefined acceleration ramps.
It is therefore perfectly suitable for use in all those sectors that require especially precise and controlled motions, such as the ceramics, packaging and bottling industry.
However, because it is equipped with a single power supply and a single interface module, the entire DBS range represents an ideal solution for automation needs in all areas of industrial production. Its many benefits include:
• easy installation
• fewer cables
• cost reduction
At the launch event for the new DBS 80, the Head of Mini Motor’s Technical Department, Mr. Ferretti, described the framework in which this new product was created and outlined the company’s vision for the future:
“With the expansion of the DBS range, Mini Motor has once again remained faithful to its mantra of motorgear-drive integration, strengthening its position as a cutting-edge
company in the field of mechatronics.
Our partners and customers believe in our work, and like us, they are convinced that the future of automation will be firmly grounded in high-quality design, compactness,
integration and connectivity.”

Beer attraction becomes more and more international

An important agreement signed with Italgrob, Federazione Italiana Distributori Ho.re.ca., will bring the International Ho.Re.Ca Meeting to Rimini from 16th to 19th February 2019
www.beerattraction.it www.bbtechexpo.it
#BA2019 @BeerAttractionFacebook: www.facebook.com/BeerAttraction

_71b3474Beer At­traction is growing and at­tracting the sup­ply chain’s top events. In fact, from 16th to 19th February, the trade show leader for speciality and craft beers will be taking place alongside Italgrob’s International Ho.Re.Ca. Meeting as well as BB Tech Expo, the profes­sional trade fair for beer and beverage technolo­gies and Food Attrac­tion, food for Horeca and new catering for­mats. The 5th edition will therefore be full of new ideas and possibili­ties for insiders and an even more important platform of reference for the entire sector. The new exhibition layout, designed from scratch, is part of the Show’s growth in quantitative and qualitative terms, and will have a new ac­cess route: the south entrance, located just 50 metres from the “Ri­miniFiera” railway sta­tion with 16 trains a day at the traders’ disposal. The number of halls will increase from 7 in 2018 to 10 in 2019 with spe­cifically studied itinerar­ies created to guide the various visitor targets.

The planned itinerar­ies between the vari­ous events will unwind into two proposals: a tech&beer route, which will start from BBTech Expo in halls C1 and C2 and continue into the heart of craft beer in BEER ATTRACTION in halls C3 and C4 to conclude its brewing and food experience in halls C5 and A5.

The big craft beer events will also be return­ing, starting from the 14th edition of Birra dell’anno, organized by Unionbirrai, a consoli­dated partner of BEER ATTRACTION. The best beers combined with great Italian cuisine will be the stars of the FoodAttraction Lab or­ganized by Castalimenti in hall A5.

Internationality will be a significant feature at BEER ATTRACTION, confirmed by a Lounge Area being set aside ex­clusively for foreign buy­ers and particularly close attention will be paid to the German, French and Spanish markets.

fp7_9111The modernity of Ital­grob’s International Ho.Re.Ca Meeting will also be directed towards opening up more widely to foreign markets. The meeting will bring to Rimini Expo Centre over 1,400 participants from distribution companies ( (850 company owners and collaborators), 320 sellers and 300 goods and service managers for the eating-out market. IHM is, in fact, a one-of-a-kind event, able to attract and unite players from the top league of Ho.Re.Ca.

Collaboration between IHM and BA, while still guaranteeing their respective formats and identities, will offer the market an extremely vast and integral showcase and unique opportunities for Ho.Re.Ca. operators with a parterre of com­panies, protagonists and specialized content, all in the name of complete­ness and excellence.

To complete the picture is BBTECH EXPO, the trade show dedicated to technologies, equipment and accessories for the production and packag­ing of beers and bever­ages. A show where machinery and system producers can develop business opportunities, not only with beer and beverage companies, but also with professional visitors.

Drink cup, a great example of innovation in the field of bottled water for dispensers

p180_ehn2gt_frontcopie-originalDrink Cup is an Italian leading company in the bottling of water in PET bottles, repre­senting one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the indus­try, thanks to its patents. Among the many in­novations that Drink Cup has introduced lately, one exemplifies the advantages that the company constantly look for not only for its customers, but also for the environment. This is the brand new SQUARE WATER BOTTLE that allows 30% extra storage and transportation of bottles for the same size. This means a reduction in the storage space for customers and a reduc­tion in pollution to de­liver the same amount of water.

The owner of the com­pany, Marco Antonio Ferrero, explains that his factory is located in the fascinating Furlo Pass in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. The factory bottles the water that springs from the heart of Furlo Pass Natural Reserve. The environ­mental awareness is also testified by the recent 400 megawatt photovol­taic system that has been installed on the roof of the production fac­tory, which guarantees self-power generation for the factory, allowing the plant to be self-suffi­cient: each bottle is thus produced using solar energy. Moreover, in the factory the lighting is generated by low-impact

LED lights or energy-ef­ficient fluorescent neon lights, and the heating is obtained by recovering the heat produced dur­ing the production pro­cesses.

Before the bottling phase, during the clean­ing and sanitising pro­cess of PET containers, Drink Cup has banned the use of detergents and polluting chemical agents, employing only self-produced ozone. Similarly, the objective of ‘zero environmen­tal impact’ is pursued through the use of PET, an easily recyclable plas­tic material. The com­pany collects from their customers the empty bottles which are then shredded and reused to produce new non-food containers or synthetic fibers for the clothing or the automotive indus­try.

The factory has a pro­duction capacity of over 4,000,000 bottles per year, with production lines and a high-tech warehouse featuring:

  • 6.000 sqm indoor;
  • storage capacity of over 300,000 bottles;
  • more than 2.000.000 sqm of area of appur­tenance ensuring pro­duction quality;
  • an internal lab accredit­ed by ACCREDIA, the National Accreditation Body, where two expert biologists constantly analyse the water so that all production lots are monitored in real time, continuously updating a complex system of HACCP and ISO 9000:2008 for the management of the entire production cycle.

joog-14And there’s more in terms of innovation. Drink Cup has also designed and licensed an innovative system for the construction of wells for drinking water, which was developed by a startup called Water Wells. This startup was created to promote the commercial develop­ment of a simple and clever idea that revolu­tionizes the way in which wells for drinking water are designed and built, with the following ad­vantages over traditional technologies:

  • energy consumption is reduced by 10% – 60%, thanks to the decrease in pressure drop;;
  • installation time and costs are reduced as well as ordinary and extraordinary mainte­nance, thanks to the chain installation;
  • no need for sanitizing treatments since the proliferation of bacte­ria is prevented inside the well;
  • the wells are safe from aquifer pollution or attempts to sabotage (since they are isolated from the external en­vironment and under pressure);
  • this technology can be used both on new wells and on wells already in use;
  • without feed pipe.

In order to upgrade its production line accord­ing to the growing pro­duction, such an innova­tion-oriented company could only work with an innovative supplier.

Drink Cup partnered with Atlas Copco Ita­lia, a company that has made innovation one of its core values, and chose their high pressure compressor P 180-50. Introducing this new compressor has helped to reduce the plant en­ergy consumption from 0.6 kWh/bottle to 0.4 kWh/bottle. In the pro­duction of PET bottles, the total absence of oil or polluting substances in the pressurized air is essential. Atlas Copco P compressors not only provide high quality air, they also offer a high level of energy efficiency and productivity, helping to reduce unit costs.


Visitor registration for upakovka 2019 starts

Process, packaging and beverage technology are the main focuses of the Russian trade fair; considerable growth in the packaging sectorupakovka_18_-3

Starting immedi­ately, visitors can register for up­kovka 2019 free of cost under www.upakovka-tradefair.com. The most important Russian trade fair of the packaging in­dustry and the related processing industry takes place at the AO Expocen­tre Krasnaja Presnja exhi­bition centre in Moscow from 29 January to 1 Feb­ruary, 2019.

After a positive trend with a corresponding increase in visitors to last year’s fair was already noted at the beginning of this year, early signs for 2019 are promising once more: Af­ter cautious consumption during the years of reces­sion, Russian consumers are now increasingly reach­ing for high-quality pack­aged foods again. The sale of soft drinks is also rising. At the same time, Russia is resolutely continuing its policy of import sub­stitution. Thanks to state support and subsidies, the percentage of locally produced products has increased. For the further processing of these prod­ucts, Russian and inter­national companies are unabatedly investing in the development and expan­sion of their local produc­tion capacities, boosting the demand for packaging, processing and bottling/ filling technology in the process.

Wide range from technol­ogy to packaging

upakovka_18_-20The upakovka trade fair exhibits promising prod­ucts and solutions from the entire value chain for the target groups of food, beverages, confectionery products and baked goods, pharmaceuticals, cosmet­ics, 2 non-food consumer goods and industrial goods with a focus on processing and packaging technol­ogy, whereby the packag­ing part of the upcom­ing event is once again considerably expanding in scope. The increased alignment towards the pharmaceutical sector due to the partnership with the Association of Pharmaceutical Packaging Manufacturers (APFU) is also new in 2019. APFU represents the interests of leading Russian manufac­turers of pharmaceutical packaging. At upakovka, pharmaceutical companies not only find solutions for solid products, but also for liquid medications. In addition to beverage bot­tling technology, filling technology for cosmetics and chemicals is part of the offerings of exhibi­tors such as KHS, Krones, Sidel and SMI. Compa­nies that are taking part within the scope of the official German delega­tion also include global players such as Fawema, KBA, Theegarten-Pactec, Sollich and Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein. Added to this group are individual ex­hibitors such as Rovema, AUER Packaging, OMAG Srl, SIPA, CFT Group and OMAS Tecnosistemi. Various companies of the “Processing & Pack­aging – The High Tech Italian Way” network and members of the Italian mechanical engineering association UCIMA will also be represented at upa­kovka 2019. The Russian exhibitors include Danaf­lex-Nano, Zolotoy Shar Group, Russkaya Trapeza and Robotek Production Company.

“Innovationparc” special topic considerably expand­ed

upakovka_18_-25Since upakovka has been organised under the aegis of the interpack alliance, the “innovationparc” special topic adapted by interpack in Düsseldorf will play an important role in Moscow. After the lively interest of the last two years, the forum pro­gramme of innovationparc will take placein parallel on two stages at upakovka 2019. In this way, visi­tors can obtain even more information on the trend­ing topics of the industry throughout the duration of the trade fair. Focuses will include “Digital In­novation for Packaging & Labelling,” “Packaging Design,” “Recycling and Packaging Waste” and, for the first time, “Phar­maceutical Packaging and Labelling.” The latter is of particular interest to af­fected companies 3 due to new legal regula­tions. In addition, a block will once again be pro­vided on the topic of SAVE FOOD in coop­eration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The partners of innovationparc are the National Packaging Con­federation (NCPack), the Verband Deutscher Mas­chinen und Anlagenbau (VDMA), the Global As­sociation for Marketing at Retail (POPAI), the Rus­sian Branding Companies Association (RBCA) and the Russian trade journal Tara i Upakovka.

In total, about 850 com­panies will have exhibits at upakovka and the parallel trade fair interplastica – International Trade Fair Plastics and Rubber. upa­kovka will once again take place in the Forum hall, one of the largest on the trade fair grounds.

Djazagro: a dynamic exhibition, in tune with the agri-food industry

djazagro-1The 16th edition of DJAZAGRO, the Trade Fair for Agri-Food pro­duction, lowered its curtain on 12 April 2018. Over the space of four days, the exhibition welcomed 740 exhibit­ing companies from 34 countries and recorded 20,500 entries, including 8% from outside Algeria. Once again, the show was a crossroads for exchange and meetings between the suppliers of machines, equipment and solutions on the one hand and Al­gerian manufacturers and investors on the other.

An Algerian exhibitor contingent up by 10%

The number of Alge­rian firms exhibiting at the show rose by 10% this year, confirming the event’s crucial role in supporting and devel­oping Algerian produc­tion. Visitor numbers also increased by 2%. All of our exhibitors em­phasised the quality of these visitors, with strong representation from all profiles from bakery and pastry professionals to manufacturers of ma­chines, equipment and food products, importers, exporters and distribu­tors of these products. This increased attendance also reflects the wealth, diversity and quality of the exhibition’s offering, across all sectors of the food industry.

An exhibition sup­ported by many institu­tional bodies

djazagro-2On Monday 9 April 2017, DJAZAGRO was official­ly inaugurated by Mr. Ab­delkader BOUAZGHI, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries and by Mr. Djel­lab SAID, Minister of Trade. This inauguration was followed by an of­ficial tour of the show by the two ministers.

With more than 500 foreign exhibitors from 34 different countries, DJAZAGRO is a truly international event. Ac­cordingly, Tuesday 10 April saw a visit from Mr. Xavier Driencourt, the French Ambassador in Algeria, who came to meet his country’s exhibi­tors. Similar visits were made by the Dutch and Tunisian ambassadors. The CEIMI (Mitidja Entrepreneurs and Manu­facturers Club), which had signed a partnership agreement with Adepta at DJAZAGRO 2017, returned to visit the show in 2018 with the objective of setting up new part­nerships between French and Algerian firms.

A trade show designed for exchange, network­ing and knowledge transfer

For the second time at DJAZAGRO, the Alge­rian Chamber of Com­merce and Industry (CACI) organised six workshops for exhibitors and visitors dedicated to investment and export in Algeria.

Their aim was to offer tangible solutions and answer the questions of manufacturers and inves­tors, to encourage them to study the perspectives for productive investment in the agri-food sector. Chaired by speakers from CACI and other bodies such as ANDI and the Algerian Customs, these workshops once again at­tracted more than 150 at­tendees from among visi­tors and exhibitors alike. The Bakery of the Future area, an actual operational industrial bakery, set up using the equipment of French exhibitors, was run by a French baker on every day of the show. The exhibition audience drew inspiration from the demonstration of know-how and the production of recipes using local ingredients.

The Algerian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry also took advantage of the show to organise a network­ing reception for French visitors and exhibitors to discuss investment op­tions in order to approach the Algerian market with the benefit of the best experience sharing. This networking event, focus­sing clearly on the future and highly appreciated by all attendees, brought together more than 80 people.