2015 was a prosperous year for P.E. LABELLERS, it had reached many goals. One of these was to start a collaboration with LVMH, better known as Louis Vitton Moët Hennessy, is the global leader in the luxury wine and spirits sector with a widespread presence in over 140 countries. It has an unparalled portfolio of brands represented by the most famous and celebrated champagne in the world like Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Dom Pérignon and Krug, together with Hennessy, the undisputed leader on the cognac market, as well as being an icon in terms of sophistication and luxury and some of the most renowned international luxury spirits, including Glenmorangie Single Malt Whisky, Ardbeg and Belvedere Vodka.

The move of this prestigious group towards P.E. LABELLERS steams from the intention to buy 3 labelling machines for a 15,000 bph champagne line with integrated optical orientation, label application quality control and sleeve formats with self-adhesive labels, which has completely changed the cold glue system currently used on the German machines in VC and MC Group.

The solutions offered by P.E. LABELLERS consist of the MODULAR PLUS series with B-BULL orientation cameras, and P.E.-supplied quality inspection system; it also installed parts manufactured in France and improved touch-screen performance and a Quality Control System, as they were developed with the customer’s operators, who provided their input on everyday practical operation.

The result is that P.E. LABELLERS supplied a total of 3 machines to the Veuve Clicquot Group in Reims and 1 for the Möet et Chandon Group for their new cellar in Montaigu. The supplied labellers have helped increase the efficiency of the lines of the factory in Reims. The long development and customisation process of the Quality Control System and touch-screen have led to easy customer control of the machines and have helped P.E. achieve integrated systems that are closer to operator needs.

2016 has already begun with new synergies between LVMH and PE. Indeed, we were pleased to receive another 3 job orders for the Modular Top machines with the cold-glue self-adhesive labelling systems combined with our Maya sleeves, for Hennessy’s plants in Cognac. The trust is a confirmation and full reward for the results PE achieved in the LVMH group, which chose Italian-made manufacturing by P.E. LABELLERS to package its important luxury products.

P.E. LABELLERS can also underline that Laurent Perrier is another loyal customer. Founded in 1812 by André Michel Pierlot, today Perrier is one of the world’s most prestigious champagne brands; indeed, Laurent-Perrier is synonymous with style, freshness, lightness and elegance. Its product range includes a unique range of champagne (Demi-sec, Ultra Brut, Alexandra Rosé, Grand Siècle, Brut Millésimé, Cuvée Rosé, Brut) currently exported in as much as 147 countries all over the world.

A loyal client of P.E. Labellers since 1996, with the latest labelling machine installed in March 2015 it completed its conversion to our technology: thanks to the commitment and services provided over the years by our French subsidiary Omme France, today all of Perrier’s bottling lines have a state-of-the-art labelling machine by P.E. Labellers.

The latest one installed is a MODULAR PLUS model with servomotors to rotate the plates and optical fibre centring; five labelling stations, one of which is a glue station to apply the neck label and 4 60 m/min self-adhesive stations to apply the front label and back label with a non-stop system.

Also Cognac Larsen is an important reference of P.E. LABELLERS. Founded in 1926 in Cognac in France, Cognac Larsen – renowned for making the “Cognac of the Vikings” distributed in the whole of Europe, Asia and America – became part of the world-famous Altia Group in 2013.

Thanks to the commitment of Omme France, in January 2015 Cognac Larsen purchased its first labelling machine by P.E. Labellers: a MODULAR PLUS 540 labelling machine with 3 self-adhesive stations and plate rotation with electronic cam, designed for the installation of a fourth labelling station, mechanical bottom centring and optical fibre.

Despite its compact size, the flexibility provided by its modular structure and the servomotors with integrated electronics provide the client with the most extensive range of combinations in terms of label application: indeed, the labelling machine is equipped to process as much as 23 different bottle formats at a speed of 5,000 bph, which covers Larsen’s entire product range.

This installation allowed P.E. Labellers to enter in Altia Group, a leading wine and spirits company in northern Europe and the Balkans.

In the domestic market P.E. LABELLERS has been a supplier of Distillerie Caffo: a company founded in 1915 by Giuseppe Caffo and based in Limbadi (VV). Over the years the company kept expanding in Italy and abroad: its first international subsidiary, Caffo Beverages Inc., was founded in New Jersey (USA) in 1999. In 2006 it acquired a distillery near Udine specialising in making quality grappa and then set up a company in Munich to expand on the German market. Its latest achievement, in 2013, was the management of production and sales of the Borsci plant of Taranto.

Gruppo Caffo provides a number of specialities in terms of spirits and other products, including: grappa, liqueurs, syrups, creamy liqueurs, sticks of liquorice and chocolate pralines, though its true pride and joy is the renowned “Vecchio Amaro del capo”.

Distillerie Caffo has been a P.E. LABELLERS client for years and it currently labels its small-sized products with a P.E. Labellers’ labelling machine made as far back as 1978 and perfectly operational. In April 2015 it installed another cutting-edge MODULAR PLUS 960 14 labelling machine with built-in servo motors and 5 labelling stations: 4 60 m/min self-adhesive machines with a non-stop system to apply front labels and back labels and 1 cold glue machine, fitted with a hot-melt reinforcement system to apply L-shaped seals. Thanks to the versatility of this labelling machine, Distillerie Caffo can label almost all its products: “Il Vecchio Amaro del Capo”, Finocchietto, Limunì, Anice Caffo, etc..

Finnaly another reference acquised by P.E. LABELLERS is Collis-Riondo has been an undisputed leader of viticulture in Italy with over 6,000 hectares of vineyards; one of the largest and leading wine-making establishments in Veneto and Italy, based in Monteforte d’Alpone (VR), its production includes Prosecco, Soave, Valpolicella, Ripasso, Amarone, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Garganega and Corvina, better known on the market with the following labels: Riondo (sparkling DOC and varietal), Casa Burti (generic sparkling), Casa Lunardi (still Veneto wines), Castelforte (premium still Veneto wines) and i-Riondo (Cocktails).

In 2015 Cantina Riondo acquired a labelling machine from P.E. LABELLERS, mod. MODULAR TOP 1730 complete with 3 adhesive stations operating at a rate of 140 m/min and 2 operating at a rate of 90 m/min for the application of front labels, back labels, neck labels, hang tags or stamps, and “I” seal, this last element in non-stop mode (double station installed on removable trolley). The nominal speed of the machine is 250 p/m.

A special feature of 140 m/min stations is the built-in non-stop system, with automatic reel joiner, double reel-holder for unwinding and double winder. The 140m/min label applying unit with these characteristics, already installed by P.E. on other machines for 28,000 and 30,000 bph line productions, at Diageo and Suntory groups, is also equipped with a special programme for missing label recovery in the reel pitch.

This is an important reference for P.E. Labellers in Northern Italy, as the supplied labelling machine is equipped with servomotors with integrated electronics for plate rotation and latest generation centring system, with 3 UV photocells on mobile support inside the turret (with run-up system). The advantage of this innovative spotting system is the physical format change limited to the centring supports.

An additional innovation installed on the labelling machine is the bottle conveying system with universal starwheels, suitable for limiting the amount of equipment for different formats, thereby guaranteeing considerable savings for all customers who need to work a high number of bottles with different diameters. A key feature is how this device, in comparison to ones available on the market, does not require any manual intervention for the adjustments to switch formats, in fact, the main characteristic is the capacity to adapt to the exterior dimensions of the body of the bottle being handled: pick-up is positive and performed with two supporting points, and is therefore also able to convey conical bottles.