SMI’s new ERGON series of SK shrinkwrappers

The new packers of the SK ERGON series are the outcome of a two-year R&D project.
This new series of machines is based on advanced technical concepts applied to both the design and the manufacturing, which allow to further increase the machines’ flexibility and considerably facilitate their management and maintenance operations.
The key concepts featuring the new SK ERGON have affected SMI’s whole portfolio of machines, from the EBS blow-molders and the integrated blow-molding, filling and capping systems of the ECOBLOC® series to the APS palletising systems.

The SK series renovates!
The innovations introduced by SMI on the new ERGON series of SK shrinkwrappers  concern each functional section of the machine, with a special consideration for maintenance cost reduction and energy saving.
The new packers of the SK ERGON series stand out for the innovative rounded line of safety guards and for the new grigio Orobie (gray) color.
The rounded shape ensures more room inside the machine, which allows the installation of motors (featuring low energy consumption) on the outside, for an easier access in case of maintenance interventions by the line operator.
Moreover, the safety doors’ closing system is equipped with a hydraulic damper, which slows down the closing stage and ensures highest safety standards, since in the final step the door is accompanied smoothly avoiding abrupt slamming.

A new design marked by ergonomics
The ergonomic and functional structure of the frame of the new SK ERGON packers allows the operator to easily carry out all the activities related to the use and maintenance of the system, in full compliance with highest safety standards.
There is no contact between the moving components and the packaged product because the threaded shafts, on which the guide and chain adjusters slide, are housed  in a safe environment that protects them from dirt and dust.
Furthermore, SMI shrinkwrappers do not use geared motors as they are driven by brushless motors (controlled by digital servo-drives), which are connected directly to the drive shafts, with the consequent advantage of reducing energy consumption, noise levels and maintenance.

New heat-shrinking tunnel
The technological innovation applied to the new SK ERGON has also affected the fundamental element of a shrinkwrapper: the heat-shrinking tunnel.
SMI heat-shrinking tunnels boast cutting-edge technical solutions that allow reducing energy consumption and ensure the utmost environmental compatibility of the processes.
Thanks to an accurate analysis of the thermodynamic phenomena generated by the heat-shrinking process, SMI tunnels are able to efficiently and smoothly manage the distribution of the hot air flows across the entire surface of the pack being formed, thus improving its final quality.
Air adjustments have been further increased, so that now the direction of the heat flow is more accurate.
In addition, the pack is immediately subjected to a cooling process which, through a series of fans placed at a regular distance of 1 meter each inside the tunnel, fixes the pack’s shape, visual appeal and rigidity to prevent deformation or breakage during the later packing stages.
A conveyor at the exit of the heat-shrinking tunnel connects the tunnel’s belt to the production line’s conveyor belts. This connection is ventilated to allow the correct thermal transition of the pack.
The final stretch of the exit belt is equipped with Vetronite cleaning brushes that remove any residual dirt deposited during machine operations.

SMI heat-shrinking tunnels are designed to allow the operator easy and totally safe access to internal parts during maintenance and cleaning, operations which are also much reduced as compared to other traditional systems.
The new heat-shrinking tunnel of the ERGON series is equipped with a small electrical cabinet, positioned on the lower section of the frame, under the exit belt.
Finally, thanks to an appropriate meter located on the outside of the tunnel, it is possible to immediately and closely control energy consumption.